The Douchebag Protagonists of Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue in Kamen Rider

From the many points in common between Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi, they do have a habit of putting douchebag protagonists in their shows whether it's the depressing seasons (Ryuki and Faiz) or the lighter seasons like OOO and Kiva.  Moving on... here's a collection of them as they appeared:

When it comes to douchebag protagonists, Shinji, Kamen Rider Ryuki's main character is definitely one. How can I say that?  He can get pretty inconsiderate and can annoy you a lot though he does want to stop the Rider War so I can let him slide since he's not that bad of a douchebag.  

Ren from Kamen Rider Ryuki is another.  Well we know how sad you are with your fiance's life at stake but you DO NOT mess up others (that's why he became Kamen Rider Knight) just to get your fiance to be better.  I was thinking he might not be as annoying as Masato but he does get annoying nonetheless.  Considering Kobayashi and Inoue were both working on Ryuki, he does get really jerky and arrogant, he's another character I wanted to slash out if he didn't get better.  Sad to say, the ending had him return to the big douche he was yet again. =(

From Ryuki, another douchebag protagonist is Shuichi who became Kamen Rider Zolda.  I mean he joined the Rider War in hopes of becoming immortal so he can further his extravagant lifestyle.  We know more of his douchebag background when his former girlfriend Megumi returns and becomes a karmic hit on him for awhile, while he has a crush on Reiko.  

Oh boy where do I begin?  After Ryuki, Faiz came in.  Toshiki Inoue's worst work imo is Kamen Rider Faiz  (which he made a cameo, apparently pleased with himself) and this guy Masato for me defines Inoue's lackluster work for the series.  So what's up with Masato?  Faiz was interesting at first but this guy REALLY ruins everything one way or another.  I was finding Faiz interesting UNTIL this guy, this douchebag bastard protagonist of Masato came in.  Not only does he overly whine about how much he hates Orphnochs, wanting them all dead (even the good ones) and berates Takumi for not hating what he hates, he also thinks he should be the hero of the show despite the fact he is one ANNOYING BASTARD who is very self-serving and hypocritical.  Glad that Inoue decided to kill him.  Overall, he's Ren gone from bad to worse.  If Kobayashi did take part in Faiz, I don't think he'd be that bad but this is one guy who has no character improvement at all.

Nago from Kamen Rider Kiva is also pretty annoying for some time but fortunately not throughout unlike Masato.  Well Toshiki Inoue didn't know how to handle him between becoming a Masato 2.0 (first half) or maybe Hikawa 2.0.  I mean he is a douchebag, yes but he gets better and he's more of a comedic one.  Unlike Masato, his hatred for Fangires start to die away and two, he begins to trust the current Kiva, Wataru.  So maybe he does get annoying but at least, he got better eventually.  But still, Inoue's writing her proved that he has a weird sense of comedy.  

Momotaros in Kamen Rider Den-O.  He's very haughty and I really hated how he took advantage of Ryotaro's body for his own nasty pranks.  I mean, that incident almost killed Ryotaro at the beginning of the series.

Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO does get annoying but also has funny moments.  Fortunately he's not a Nago 2.0 but rather, he's a Greeed who has his own plans to become whole and gets emotionally attached to the protagonist Eiji/OOO which does actually serve as development.  For me, this guy does get really annoying to the point, sometimes I wish he died while watching the series but I'm glad he didn't meet Masato in Kamen Rider Faiz or it'd be a real mess!


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