Kamen Rider Being Lighter and Softer: Good or Bad?

Let me mention to you that I really don't really critique a show to be good or bad based on lighter and softer, it's more about execution-wise.  You can have lighter and softer and have a very good series while you can have darker and edgier and have a really bad series.

Things started with lighter and softer with Kamen Rider Kiva which its head writer was Toshiki Inoue who had just finished Kamen Rider Faiz, his darkest work and this was where he attempted comedy.  Maybe I don't like Naomi Takabe when it comes to Gobusters but I appreciate the fact she was behind Kiva and OOO.  For Kiva, I guess some people were pretty mixed on it but I guess the designs brought in a lot of toys which again, we should remember Kamen Rider's top target are children.  I would credit this show for its aesthetic designs, action scenes and perhaps a lot of what kids really love.  Faiz was Inoue's darkest series and it was for me pretty much a hgue mess.  Kiva was messy but its silly nature made it easier to watch.

One could consider that when Kamen Rider goes lighter and softer like adding some humor, reducing of nightmare fuel (while having some drama like character deaths but not to the point it's overdone) and well going lighter and softer, it may have expanded the market.  Yeah it's more kiddie but I'm glad it's not too kiddie since all the action and please don't follow this in real life scenes are still there.  To be honest, I really have enjoyed such shows and I'll admit that from the lighter and softer series, Kamen Rider Fourze just happens to be my personal favorite.  Sure the show may not have the storytelling of Kuuga or Agito but it's pretty enjoyable with its lighter and softer setting.

For the recent Kamen Rider Gaim, okay I find the whole fruit motif silly but if kids love it and find it nice, I shouldn't complain a bit about that.  I can personally not watch it but not hate it.  I was thinking that fruit motif may not be a click to older Kamen Rider fans but hey, we're talking about a kid's show here!


  1. I wouldn't call Gaim lighter... mainly because the writer is going to make it harken back to early Heisei tones.


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