Wishful Casting: Gatchaman Movie Edition!

Well I am yet to critique on the Gatchaman film (which I heard had pretty bad reviews) and I am yet to see it but here's my wishes for who would have been in that film!  Hmmm with Toshiki Inoue burned out, I doubt it he could save the film as well!

Yasuka Saito as Joe Asakura/Joe the Condor- Well I did enjoy his performance in Boukenger as Masumi Inou who was similar to Gai Yuki in a way.  I think he would have been a stronger Joe the Condor!

Rin Takanashi as Jun the Swan- Well I think she could have been a stronger Jun the Swan.  Hee hee.

Just for a bit of nostalgia I think Toshihide Wakamatsu should have been Dr. Nambu.  My reason would be this- he was literally a live version of Joe the Condor in Chojin Sentai Jetman with his role as Gai Yuki!  I really think this guy could help!  If Toshiki Inoue wrote the film, I think he would want this guy!

Jun Yoshida as Berg Katse (male form)- Okay Jun Yoshida may be quite older already but I thought he would make a really good Berg Katse, acting as the comedic wimp.  However I'm a few of the crowd who freaking dislikes Berg Katse but yeah, Jun Yoshida would have been good for the role!

I felt the rest were okay with their casting.  Sad to say, a bad script can't be saved even with a good cast!


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