Romance in the Rain: The Novel's More Tragic If You Ask Me

I just read from Manga Book Shelf and well, to no surprise the novel was more tragic than the 1982 adaptation and its remake in 2001. Now for some bits and tidbits on the more tragic side of Romance in the Rain from the novel:

First the tragedy of Lu Mengping the misguided bratty teenage daughter. I know she's done a lot of bad things but she was only 16 and hey she DID NOT murder anybody. During that time she got raped and got pregnant, I really think it was really bad for her father Zhenhua to actually disown her. Another of my complaints was that well she's a bitch but the original novel had her isolated, she stayed in a shelter and later she got out finding out she hasn't reconciled with her father, she finds her maternal half-brother Erjie in the orphanage and Erhao had gone penniless. Also, Erjie was never recovered from the orphanage in the second novel to be reunited with his legal family. In the 1986 version, Mengping got married despite her state while in 2001, she started caring for orphans when the Lu mansion became an orphanage ran by the eighth ex-wife Wenpei and the Lu children.

The second is the tragedy of Lu Ruping. I know Ruping is stupid but her suicide made her dumber. The suicide happened in both the novel and the 1986 adaptation which fortunately wasn't carried over in the 2001 version. Actually in the novel, nobody really cared about Ruping and I really say Shuhuan was foolish to decide to marry her just because he had a quarrel with Yiping. Really, though I feel irritated about her stupid decisions but I can sympathize with her especially when they all trashed her when the Lus lost their wealth to Wei Guangxiong and two, her mom treated her a lot more inhumanely in the novel than in the 2001 version where Xueqin before eloping with Guangxiong, approved of her marrying Dufei.

Yiping's situation wasn't all better either. When Ruping committed suicide in the novel, she and Shuhuan were never reunited compared to the 1986 version and the 2001 version.

Originally the novel's theme was "What goes around, comes around...".


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