Hypothetical: What if Toshiki Inoue Wrote the Gatchaman Movie

Here's my hypothesis of how Toshiki Inoue will write the Gatchaman movie.  So here's how I think he will write the movie script in itself:

First I think he might actually make the characters multidimensional than one-dimensional.  My WMG is that he might actually make Joe the Condor closer to Gai Yuki or maybe he might want to convince the producers and directors to get Yasuka Saito to play the part instead!  Maybe he might make Ryu the Owl wear glasses like Raita, maye even make Jun the Swan a rich girl or Ken the Eagle drink milk as a reference to his cast in Chojin Sentai Jetman.

My bigger concern however is if Joe Asakura will end up becoming more of a real douchebag like Masato in Kamen Rider Faiz or will end up as a comedic jerk like Nago or will he be a jerk who's a nice guy like Gai Yuki?  Seeing how Inoue has a love for putting douchebags into his scripts, he could end up making Joe Asakura too much of a jerk.  Well he might also die at the end of the battle or not, depending in Inoue's mood.

Chances are, Toshiki Inoue might shrink Dr. Nambu's part in favor of Sylvie Pandora seeing that in Jetman, Sylvie Pandora's Jetman counterpart Aya Odagiri ended up becoming the team mentor.  Then again, maybe they'll end up working side by side and maybe, he might want to have Hayato Tano pay Dr. Nambu.  I don't know how things will turn out but I think it might be this- Dr. Nambu organizes the Gatchaman team to fight a terrorist organization but dies at the beginning.  Sylvie Pandora then realizes she must get the Gatchaman team together.  That would be a reference to the beginning of Chojin Sentai Jetman.  But if Toshihide Wakamatsu were Dr. Nambu, he might live through the whole movie then die at the end of it at the hands of Egobossler.  Maybe he gets kidnapped, Sylvie Pandora takes over then he dies at the end.

Probability is, Toshiki Inoue would drop out sissy boy Berg Katse and even bratty big bad Sosai X for that blue skinned dictator to take his part as the main villain.  Yup I'm talking about Count Egobossler, Radiguet's inspiration in Jetman.  I would think if he wrote the script, we'd see Egobossler as the villain, maybe Daisuke Tachi who previously played Radiguet in Jetman will play the part and we get an incredibly scary villain!  In fact, I think he might actually make this evil blue-skinned count a would-be world conqueror who has already launched several attacks around Europe and is now aiming for Japan where the world summit will be held so he can rule the world with his own twisted way.  In fact, I think Inoue might make Egobossler think he's a righteous dude and that his assaults are pretty justified, looking at himself as humanity's judge with a severe god complex which should be the opening of the movie and he blows up some space center to prove he's not kidding.  But chances are, this version of Egobossler could lose every bit of sanity and become a complete megalomaniac like how he wrote Radiguet.  It could get weird but I think Inoue might end up putting something personal between Egobossler and Sylvie Pandora, maybe his ex-wife or something?  Seeing Inoue isn't good with finales, maybe Egobossler will escape or be in a coma or whatever rather than being killed.

Just my two cents.


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