Chinese Drama Legend: Liu Xue Hua

Another classical actress that deserves much tribute is Liu Xue Hua.  Okay I haven't seen much of her Chinese drama or Qiong Yao series but from looking at some of them via rentals, Youtube, etc. I am pretty convinced she is a legend.

She frequently was paired with Qin Han and also with Kenny Bee.  Int he past she had played the roles of the suffering daughter-in-law with the abusive mother-in-law who was seldom played by Ma Qi Xin.  She also played as the protagonist Lu Yi Ping in "Love in the Rain" which had a better remake IMO which was later acted by Vicki Zhao.  Behind the scenes, she is also a talented dancer and singer.

So she did later get married to director Deng Yu Kun.  Too bad she never had children of her own though at least she adopted two heirs to inherit her fortune she would leave behind when she's dead.  I really had my thoughts her taking on less serious roles like "Girls Marching On" where she was paired with Sun Xing (who she was also paired in the past).  So she had several roles later as a parent.

Later Liu Xue Hua would play nasty villains such as the wicked mother-in-law in Yun Niang, the wicked mother in Emerald on the Roof or the wicked empress in Miracle Healers.  Yup, I thought she really could be called the "Soga Machiko of Taiwan" as she can also deliver that rather badass evil laugh whenever she's the old witch whenever she plays as a villain.  In fact, I really wished she were the one to act as Kaede Doumyoji/Dao Ming Feng in Meteor Garden but not that Zhen Xiu Zhen was a good actress!  As far as concerned, I really want her to play as the mother of either Jerry Yan (if she will be paired with Qin Han) or with Liu Yi Fei (if she will be paired with Kenny Bee).


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