Why Pacing in Writing Action/Fantasy Drama Drama Matters

Pacing is a very important part in writing drama.  Some shows do suffer from slow pacing like TV drama in the past from the Philippines tend to drag even for a year or two landing in no real ending.  Zaido may have been advertised as a TV drama but still, it was no excuse for its lame execution.  As said, there were good ideas but rather poor executions.  Now to see why pacing does matter.

Kamen Rider as a Tokusatsu drama really required proper pacing.  During Kuuga, Naruhisa Arakawa and Toshiki Inoue were careful about the time pacing.  That is, okay maybe you don't see Yuusuke beat up a monster in the first episode but they were careful not to spin things around too much.  The whole way Kuuga did its pacing was pretty much the model to follow and improve for later Kamen Riders, that is provide some plot even if there are some plots that run around in circles like Faiz, you still get the right pacing.  Faiz despite its rather redundant pass around the belts plot, still should be commended for not pacing too slow.    In most episodes of a Heisei era Kamen Rider, do consider that it usually only takes two episodes to beat a regular monster of the week and not them lingering around for too long.  With that in mind, Kamen Rider even in its terrible seasons, still manages to deliver something tolerable.

You should consider that plots need to move forward every episode as there are steps to climb up towards the climax.  The problem with snail paced dramas is that the writers really dragged around too much which was inexcusable.  I mean, they have seen Kamen Rider seasons in GMA-7 or you could consider also they had watched some Korean or Chinese series that fell under the same genre Zaido would fall into.  Plots need to move, action has to happen and not just an overfocus and too many fillers for characters.  Fillers are okay but too much filling is bad for a show just like too much filling ruins food.  In every crime or fantasy based series, the plot must move forward rather than run around in circles leaving too much drama and much less action.  People watch fantasy and action drama to see action, not an overdose of dramatic moments.

Just as said, Zaido's writers and producers should have actually observed how action drama is being written and produced so they can improve their own style.


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