Toshiki Inoue's Sense of Humor in Kamen Rider

Toshiki Inoue was known for originally being fond of darker and edgier stuff but after Faiz (which was one show I dislike for being overly edgy), he switched trying to write comedic stuff while thinking he's so funny.  Are his finales the worst mix (worst finale is Faiz and Hibiki) or his humor?  Let's now analyze his humor in Kamen Rider now...

The instance of Inoue's humor showed up in Ryuki but with the addition of Megumi?  Megumi is hardly contributing to the plot material plus her silliness ruins the show's intended darker and edgier mood.

In Kamen Rider Blade, you could consider episodes 29-30 are really stupid.  I mean, what's up with  that stupid war of Taiyaki vs. Takoyaki thing when Blade is supposed to be a SERIOUS season?  This was just shortly after he wrote Faiz and man those two episodes are pretty silly but I still got a laugh, but he can't reach Junki Takegami's level of silliness (Go-onger is still funnier imo) or Naruhisa Akarawa's (with Akibaranger).  Sometimes Inoue's brand of comedy tends to ruin consistency.

If there's any work of Toshiki Inoue that's full of blatant silliness it's Kamen Rider Kiva.  So messed up it's hilarious and it felt more like watching something on Nickelodeon (like Danny Phantom) than a Kamen Rider season which felt like... oh wow has Kamen Rider gone silly or did he even write this with Butch Hartman's help?  This show was basically well even with the drama, most of the show is just well... blatant silliness.  Wataru's just plain naive, Shizuka's silly, Megumi's silly, Nago is well trying to be Hikawa 2.0 and Gai Yuki 2.0 but fails because even his jerky side backfires too much, etc.  Yup, Inoue's Kiva is what I'd call hit or miss, I love it yes but it does have its fair shares of problems of being messy plus Nago and Megumi getting married was funny but it was at the same time poor plot material.

Pretty much, Inoue did write some of Jetman's comedic moments (and so did Naruhisa Arakawa) but let's face it, he really needs some help with his humor to get it better.


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