Series Review: Forbidden Love

Kim Tae-hee in Forbidden Love, aka Fox with Nine Tails
Well it's time I dug up some old videos and it's time to review the series "Forbidden Love" which stars eye candy Kim Tae Hee who's currently dating pop singer Rain.  The whole story of Forbidden Love is tragedy with loads of action as humans are in constant battle with the supernatural, namely the Gumiho race that hunt down on humans and eating their organs.  Which of course, that's classic nightmare fuel and her character Yoon Shi Yeon gets involved with a relationship with a human being known Inspector Kang Min Woo who has no idea she is a Gumiho, on the other hand she is also engaged to Moo Young, and of course the clan leader Lee Hwi Hyang (who previously played as her mother in Stairway to Heaven where she was the smoking hot wicked stepsister).  What I thought about this was that, it was hard for me to enjoy the action because I was guilty of drooling over a girl I'll never have.

So what's the real point?  The nightmare fuel in this show has that the murders have people and the organs ripped out (off-screen, thankfully) and the existence of these Gumiho.  So they aren't limited to provinces but are now in the city, which really adds to the suspense that it's a basic state of emergency.  What goes wrong is when the protagonist Kang Min Woo falls for the Gumiho woman Shi Yeon which is really utterly tangling.  Unlike the cliche where the supernatural being disguises herself as a beautiful woman to ensnare the man, here she slowly falls for him which results to a complex triangle.  This also addresses the rather cliche forbidden love, hence the title of the series.  Shi Yeon's also in conflict as she has her lover Moo Young and she is in love with a human, which is known to be forbidden.  Slowly, she refuses to eat her victims.  Hmmm... it's never been established either if she's also used her sex appeal to ensnare her victims or did she just take any random human form she chose?

What I thought was never surprising are all the tears and tragedies that happen in this war.  What I also want to question is, why do these Gumiho always have to eat humans?  Can't they choose any source of meat aside from humans?  Just my thought that it becomes dangerous they walk in broad daylight without the fear of the sun killing them, mingle with humans and then we have the human side of them with the relationship that Shi Yeon has with Min Woo, which does not end well as the title suggests and is pretty expected.  In the end, Moo Young wants to marry his love interest Shi Yeon, and in the end during the battle against the Gumihos, Shi Yeon unable to accept destiny kills herself which results to a tragedy.

My rating?  8/10 stars.  Expected tragedy with lots of development in 16 one hour episodes.


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