Movie Review: Star Runner

So it's time for another review that was stuck in my head... that is to review Star Runner.  I might do my reviews on Magic Kitchen (disliked that film) and Sky of Love (still disliked it), but here's one good starter for Vanness Wu (so cry all you fangirls since he got married already).  The whole movie itself focuses on Vanness Wu who is a student who gets into a forbidden relationship with his teacher played Kim Hyun Joo.  For me, the whole relationship was somewhat complicated since it's unethical for a student to date a teacher as long as they are in that relationship.  So I think Bond Cheung (Vanness Wu) is merely a few years younger than his teacher Kim Mei Chiu.  The film itself is pretty entertaining considering the fact that Bond has to deal with the dilemma of falling for his teacher who may just be a few years older (which is she's a young professional) instead of somebody old enough to be his mother.

While the plot is somewhat moving too fast, it was still entertaining to see the various martial arts moves introduced.  As a fan of martial arts cinema even if I'm no martial artist myself.  In between all that, Kim's backstory was something- so she was in an on/off relationship with somebody who cheated on her several times.

So I thought in this one, the controversy between teacher and student relationship, there's always the right to object to it since it's inappropriate for teachers to date their students as long as they remain their students.  Which this one, was resolved since she resigned anyway which cuts off the relationship.  Meanwhile, Bond starts to learn different moves and he enters the competition at his own.  At the same time, Kim's former lover comes in and she is torn apart but the same cycle of hurt starts all over again.

In the finale, Bond can be seen fighting Tank (played by Andy On) where he is heartbroken which really is something.  However the reemergence of Kim inspires him.  After Kim's lover decides to be with her, Kim not willing to take any more chances drops him off permanently.  She chooses Bond in the end.

My rating?  7/10.  It's fairly entertaining but not entertaining enough.  Vanness Wu's start was good compared to the next film, Kung Fu Fighter.


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