How I'll Handle a Kamen Rider Kiva Adaptation

After looking at Dragon Knight's style of not copying Ryuki plot per plot, I might actually do these kinds of changes in the story.  The Kiva family are savvy with the supernatural.  22 years ago, something by fate happened that led to the events of 22 years later.  A teenage guy gets some Fang powers later and in the middle of the humans/Fang wars which was caused by some stupid incident by the Kivas, the Fangs seek their revenge on the human race.  The Fangs now dwell among humans, some are good and some are evil.  As the Fangs have lost their natural source of energy, some of them have resolved to killing humans.

I might really do a lot of remodeling with the story.  For example, his power sources will not be mysterious but rather I might get a teenager around 17 years old who got his ghost powers from some strange machine his parents made.  So pretty much, it's similar to Danny Phantom.  The portal opens to the world to the world of the supernatural, and the race called Fangs has intruded into various worlds.  Our world is next and this teenager named Danny Kiva whose molecules got rearranged becomes the new hero called Power Rider Phantom.  For this character, maybe Azim Rizk could play as him... I think he could make a good main character.

I'll get a Goth to be Megumi's counterpart with Sam Manson's personality type and Kengo's counterpart will have a counterpart with an extended role.  The names are Sam Masterson and Tucker Harper.  Well my choices are Christina Masterson and John Mark Loudermilk for these characters.  Sam Masterson's mother 22 years ago was a Fang hunter, she takes over her mother's shoes while assisting Danny.  Tucker is a gadget geek.

The hero's father will be a typical idiot plus the hero's mother will still be around and both are named Jack and Maddie of the Kiva family.  The hero's father is obsessed with hunting down the supernatural and has created the Power Rider System which he dubs as Power Rider Jack, which is given to the government 22 years later because of his stupidity.  Well those who played Timmy Turner's parents can fill in for the job.  So he was originally Power Rider Jack in the past but using the prototype nearly killed him in the past plus it led the incident that caused the human/Fang wars, something that his family doesn't realize.

Carly Kiva is Danny's younger sister, a contrast to Danny having an older sister.  She knows her older brother's secret identity and hates her parents rather close-minded stupidity.

Nago's counterpart might be my original character I'll name Tiberius.  He works for the government and has a stubborn attitude similar to Timmy Turner (as a kid) who thinks he knows better because his parents are so stupid and he got abandoned to a babysitter who was actually a cruel Fang woman who will be a monster of the week, worse he had no fairies to help him.  He hates the Fangs and considers the "ghost boy" Power Rider Phantom to be a menace.  He becomes Power Rider Jack after the government confiscated the Jack Riser from the hero's father but he renamed it as Power Rider Access though he later warms up to Power Rider Phantom.  He could be acted by Drake Bell.

I might actually get a Dash-type character to be Taiga's counterpart.  What people don't realize is that Taiga is actually not human but a member of the Fang race who has been relocated not ever since the Fangs lost their own dwelling place thanks to Jack Kiva's stupidity (a 22 year incident he has never learned to forgive, he was a kid back then) and for that, he hates Jack Kiva (and the rest of humanity) and seeks to rebuid the Fang kingdom in the human world as revenge.  My choice here might be Andrew Gray considering the muscle size the actor has and two, in Super Sentai you have actors and actresses who play both hero and villain parts.

Mio's counterpart will be similar to Paulina Sanchez but she is a member of the Fang race and disguises herself as a beautiful human woman and Danny has a crush on her unaware of her inhuman nature.  She has fallen for this "ghost boy" unaware of his human identity.  She is also destined to be the Queen of the Fangs just as Dash is destined to be the King which complicates matters.  Victoria Justice could portray this character who is also named Paulina.

A Fang who calls himself Roy Icky is actually a spider-based Fang who is a creepy pervert.  He became a school outcast and while hiding his true nature, he has been doing various perverted mischief that leads him to hilarious incidents.  My choice would be Felix Ryan.

Lion Fangire's counterpart will be similar to Skullkur who does his own hunting game but he collects them like animals instead of killing them.  Paul Schrier could play the part's human form though that would be too stupid.

Bishop's counterpart will be closer to Vlad Masters than Bishop and he will be named as Vlad Bishop.  He was once a friend of the hero's dad but was also in love with the hero's mom.  He is a member of the Fang race who disguised himself as a human and because of his crush on Maddie, he exiled himself before he could lose his powers.  He could care less who gets in the way whether Fang or human as long as he can control the world.


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