Things in Common with Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi in Writing Kamen Rider

Yup these are the two writers who have written some good series but also have written some bad ones too.  So far, the two have been a tandem for some time considering they were together in working out with Timeranger (Inoue was a secondary writer), Agito (Kobayashi was a secondary writer), Ryuki (Inoue had a lot of it with Kobayashi and both shared some weird sense of humor and don't forget, Inoue wrote Megumi's part as an ultra useless character) and Decade (as secondary writers to where they still managed to add some good plot, otherwise Decade is already too kiddie).  In fact, it seems to be that both got cocky after their successes or not, I mean Inoue got cocky after Jetman and Agito, Kobayashi well I dunno but it seemed she got cocky after Timeranger.  Both had also worked with Shinichiro Shirakura (Toei's reason why they get a lot of value on toy sales) and Naomi Takebe (Inoue with Kiva, Kobayashi with OOO and in Super Sentai, Gobusters).  Now for their points in common in writing Kamen Rider:

They both have the habit of putting douchebag protagonists in their scripts most of the time which can get REALLY ANNOYING (bringing too much conflict in the shows) and cause a lot of severe misunderstandings.  Yup, I really thought of it that Faiz had that REALLY ANNOYING Masato and in Ryuki, well Kobayashi wrote a couple of douchebag protagonists with Ren (though he got better) and later Shuichi (but he got better) and Shinji the main character is also a douchebag protagonist or in OOO, you get really annoying Ankh who is a sidekick, in Kamen Rider Kiva you get Nago though he got better and in Den-O you have Momotaros.  From all the douchebags here, Masato wins the award no questions asked.

Really cruel villains that are badass in their darker and edgier seasons or even in lighter and softer seasons.  Kamen Rider Ohja has to be the biggest SOB evil Kamen Rider ever.  I mean this guy really makes Shadow Moon pale whenever he really uses his aggressive, Bilgenia-like tactics in trying to win the Rider War and the fact that he really has no remorse for what he does, well that is something or the short lived Kamen Rider Gai really ticks you off with his arrogance and manipulation of people's lives for enjoyment though Ohja is much worse.  Kamen Rider OOO's Dr. Maki  though I found him boring, I found that guy sick with him manipulating everything and not caring about the lives of others.  I would credit that Faiz also had REALLY cruel villains as well in the form of the Smart Brain.  Note that Toshiki Inoue also was responsible for Jetman's main villain Radiguet and in Kamen Rider, he really managed to make them all that cruel except for Kamen Rider Kiva where most villains were as if Butch Hartman of Nickelodeon created them.

Sad tragic deaths that may happen in a way that we don't expect at times.  In Jetman, we see Gai Yuki pass away because of a mugger (which was debated by fans and I was at the losing side) when it could have been much cooler if he died in the final battle instead.  In Timeranger, we see the death of Naoto being shot by a lone zenitto at a distance which I also find really a bad way to kill a character.  In Faiz, I really felt sad for Yuka's death. In Ryuki, Inoue and Kobayashi apparently agreed on how to kill people which the death of Raja and Imperer was really sad and these people were apparently brought back to life when the reset button was hit (but Yui dies).  I found Miho's death in the Alternate Finale written by Inoue to be pretty tragic as well.

Bodies of water and heroes.  In Jetman and Shinkenger we get to see heroes and rivers (Ryu and Gai in Jetman, Takeru Shiba in Shinkenger).  I could remember the scene of Eiji in OOO getting wet in a river and in Faiz, Kiva and Agito, there were also bodies of river.  I wonder what's with them and bodies of water?  I guess Inoue and Kobayashi must be active swimmers.

Sudden revelation characters that tend to corrode the story.  We have Teruo in Faiz who is actually the Orphnoch King, we have Odin in Ryuki.  I felt these characters made the show go for the worse.  Orphnoch King felt pretty last minute and I also felt the same way about Kamen Rider Odin too.  I mean, I really was saying, "After all the thrill, why did these two characters have to spoil everything?"  Really Odin started to corrode Ryuki for me with all that back and forth travel while we have why in the world did Inoue write Teruo as the Orphnoch King?!

Dismemberment and characters existing rather absurdly. In Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Lost which is a "what if" movie that the Orphnochs ruled the world, Kyoji Murasaki in that non-canon film was literally just a head surviving which for me is really a fate worse than death.  In Kamen Rider OOO, Ankh is just a hand which is really just as absurd as Kyoji's situation in OOO.  In the OOO movie, Momotaros was reduced to just a hand as well until time was set straight.  So I was having my funny theory if Ankh possessed Masato, prepare for disaster!

Moral dilemma situations and choosing the much lesser evil.  Yup Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi kinda like that a lot and both actually do pretty well in most of them even in their worst seasons.  In Agito, we have the dilemma of the Agito Seed and the Lords, in Faiz we have the situation about the human/Orphnoch war (and of course Masato makes it all so painful) and in Ryuki we have the decision of letting Yuri live (yet the Rider Wars go on) or let her die for the sake of humanity which in the end she did die at the same time that stupid reset button was hit by Kobayashi while not hit by Inoue in the Alternate Ending.  Even Kiva and OOO (which were lighter and softer) had them with Kiva's love triangles (and Nago's character development) and in OOO with the issue of Shingo Izumi who is possessed by Ankh and Hina Izumi.

Massive amounts of foreshadowing.  If you saw Jetman, Gingaman and Timeranger you'll realize both writers love to foreshadow things.  For example in Kamen Rider Ryuki, you get foreshadowing that Yui was going to die (which both Kobayashi and Inoue did), in Kamen Rider OOO we have Dr. Maki betraying Cake Boss and in Kamen Rider Kiva, there were hints that Toshiki Inoue intended to have Nago and Megumi marry each at the end (which was rather funny) other with some "hints".  Just my thought, sometimes these foreshadows end up rather hilarious or makes us expect death for certain characters.

Not so well wrapped up finales in later darker and edgier shows.  Both had some rather bad finales and passable ones.  For Toshiki Inoue his worst finale had to be Faiz's Orphnoch King surviving and in a coma (while as bad as Kiva's ending was, but at least I had a laugh from it because it was really silly) while for Yasuko Kobayashi it has to be her reset button ending which for me the most horrible bad ending ever as it threw away all character development!  I really didn't even like the finale of Yasuko Kobayashi's Den-O while there wasn't anything spectacular about the finale of OOO either.  I'd admit Toshiki Inoue's alternate ending is better than Yasuko Kobayashi yet all we see in it is where Ryuki and Knight just beat the remaining Mirror Monsters with everything left uncertain.  Kobayashi's best finale in Kamen Rider imo is OOO and for Inoue, it has to be Agito.  For one, Kobayashi wrote better finales than Inoue did except for Ryuki's rather stupid finale of the reset button that I wonder why Megumi was still in it.

Both attempted with lighter and softer and ended up relying more on blatant silliness than planned comedy while keeping a moderate amount of nightmare fuel. in a way.  Kiva, Den-O and OOO are lighter and softer shows but tend to carry tons of corny humor and a chock full of silliness for silliness' sake as well.  It seems to be that Toshiki Inoue sucks at doing planned comedy and Yasuko Kobayashi does get a hang of it but not as good as Naruhisa Arakawa.  But seldom their comedy is so horrid due to characters like Nago (while he was still a jerk) and Ankh.  Sometimes it can be pretty forced like Kiva's an entire season that's basically chock full of blatant silliness that's mostly scrambled to the point of absurdity.  On the other hand, Kobayashi's finale for OOO was better than Inoue's finale for Kiva (which had a lot of stupid stuff in it).

So far, I've had good times and bad times with these writers.  Just my thought, is it them or is it producers' meddling that leads to their weaker jobs?  I can't really say.


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