The Karmic Cycle in Romance in the Rain

In Romance in the Rain, there's the lesson of "what goes around, comes around" which can be seen by these...

Lu Yiping

Yup she is part of the karmic cycle. When she vows revenge on her father and her father's latest wife Xueqin, everything goes for the worse like when she started dating Shuhuan for revenge. That of course causes a serious conflict. In the original novel, she and Shuhuan are never reconciled teaching a hard lesson revenge does more harm than good.

Lu Zhenhua

I would think that this guy really deserved a lot of what was coming to him. Having the tragedy of Pingping was no excuse to start picking up women and divorcing them like they were stamps. So pretty much by the time he was a high ranking general, he had seven ex-wives then he picks up Fu Wenpei as his eighth wife after multiple divorces. Then he picks up Xueqin as the ninth wife and had some bigamy for some time. In his case, the karma hit him when it turned out to be that for ten years, the latest wife had an affair with another man named Wei Guangxiong. Yup, it stings doesn't it when who he thought was his youngest son namely Erjie was actually, another man's child. Wow that a stinging revelation!

Wang Xueqin

The power hungry wife who really was a pain in the ass. I was thinking she was only 18 when she became the general's ninth wife after he had a series of dysfunctional former marriages. She really knew how to manipulate stuff such as the reason why Fu Wenpei left the household and became the eighth ex-wife. True she had three children by Lu Zhenhua but she also later had an affair with Wei Guangxiong even if Lu Zhenhua had already ceased collecting and divorcing women. Hmmm... karma hits Lu Zhenhua and then it hits her. Her bad attitude towards Yiping and Wenpei was something. The fact that she slept with Wei Guangxiong and lied to Lu Zhenhua was something. Also she had an affair with Wei Guangxiong and karma hit her when her lover also had a lover namely Anna. What a sting. I thought also her status living with her boyfriend Wei Guangxiong really made her miserable. So yeah, her bad actions caused her much suffering when she genuinely misses her three children Ruping, Mengping and Erhao. In the end, she was also arrested though she voluntarily gave in. In the 1986 version, Ruping's suicide was a major sting at her and worse, Guangxiong just never cared about her feelings.

Wei Guangxiong

Well you can make easy money with dirty jobs but you don't last long. Or even if you do, karma always comes. Just my thought on the whole affair of Xueqin to Guangxiong was obviously another. In the end, Guangxiong got arrested by the cops and was betrayed even by the triads. Another karma Guangxiong had when his own son Erjie would not recognize him at all as his real father.


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