Drama Review: Lavender

Well I haven't written a drama review until my subconscious unlocked something again... this time it's the Taiwanese drama Lavender. This featured one of my earlier crushes Tammy Chen and Ambrose Xu where the story features Yishin and her older sister who both suffer from a heart attack. Really I feel pity over these girls and just countless buckets of tears tend to pour out. Actually it isn't Qiong Yao's writing but still, it felt like it. The story of Yishin and Qingchuan (who takes the screen name Leo as he grews up) is when they are still children, so really how many childhood dramas do come to life? In this cae, Qingchuan falls for Yishin when they were just kids and he protected her from bullies. Really children can be so cruel to bully other people because of certain defects like having lower income or bad health. What losers.

So everything moves forward to their grown up years. Qingchuan is now the singer Leo and Yishin works for Xiaotong who has feelings for her. So Leo has a girlfriend in Maggie (Penny Lin) which before Penny Lin would later work with him in Dolphin Bay. Just my thoughts - Maggie does get pretty antagonistic or at times, why in the world doesn't Leo just move on with her and Xiatong with Yishin?! So what I thought is that there's really some tears to cry about when the older sister dies and we know at the beginning the father has died from heart ailment. Ouch, I cry buckets of tears over the situation.

Leo manages to have his struggle between his childhood love Yishin which develops into two love triangles- Xiaotong/Leo/Yishin and Yishin/Maggie/Qingshuan and not to mention Xiaotong also has a lover which makes a polygon. What makes the story worse is that Yishin's heart condition isn't getting any better, it's getting worse and for everything Maggie and Xiaotong later abandon their romantic interests for the sake of love. Qingshuan and Yishin get married and she gets preggers but it gets even sadder. So what I hate about this is that worse, Yishin dies while she is pregnant which makes everything sadder. Sigh, this is really one sad drama which ends with her dead. I feel sorry for the mother and for Qingchuan. Overall a very sad drama.

My rating? 7.5/10. It was pretty touching but tragic. Really, made me think why a lot of people love tragic dramas. =(


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