Drama Review: At the Dolphin Bay

Here's another Ambrose Xu drama and this what I'd say, I liked it the first time and disliked it the second time because part of me was hurt was it?  Well I did like a girl who looks like the lead and lost her to a guy who looks like the leading guy.  So yeah, I was "Xiao Gang" in the whole story.  The story starts with sad opening where we discover that the leading lady Tian Bian (whose original name we never know) is the lovechild if of the Hsu family and of course, this angers her grandfather who was irritated at his son's own infidelity.  So later, the Hsu family adopts an orphan who we know was never related to them namely Xerya and he becomes a Hsu but is trained to call his foster mother Li Hong as "big mother".  Li Hong has been bitter for a number of years due to her husband's infidelity.  Li Hong has one daughter Shan Ni played by Penny Lin.

What intrigued me here is the competition between Xiaogang (acted by Wallace Huo), his lover Mandy, Tianbian (who Xerya doesn't realize is his childhood friend) and Xerya.  Of course, everything revolves around the love triangle of the two guys which I was rooting for Xiao Gang to win.  The story in itself has Tianbian's rather annoying adoptive mother (played by Bernice Liu who always play sad characters, I think she's also been a big time Qiong Yao star).  Tianbian wants to get out of poverty while the mother has impractical solutions, which also leads to more complex plots when Tianbian's voice attracts Xiaogang.  So I want to as to why Xiaogang began to what seems to lust after Tianbian, heck she's not even attractive which I question myself to why I also lusted after some girl who looked like her.

The inner feud of the Hsus is never discovered by Lihong until later.  So Lihong has no idea that Xerya was actually only adopted (and the audience only knows that).  So Xerya goes and finds the records of Tianbian and to find the picture of the "other family" in the Hsu household.  Just made me think the writer tends to like putting predictable stuff that the characters don't know they are in.  So Xerya discovers he's just been adopted and his adoptive grandfather tells him that he is a successor raised to marry Shanni.  Yeck isn't that supposedly illegal?  I mean, I wouldn't dare marry my adoptive sister no matter how pretty she is.  But on the bright side, I was hoping Xiaogang gets the girl.

Things do get worse when these happen- Xiaogang's old rival Eddie (played by legendary actor Deric Wan though I wish the character was played by Andy Lau instead) enters the scene as Mandy's manager and two, the sadder part when Shanni gets leukemia.  I never hated Shanni, she was the voice of reason whenever her mother was bitter and vindictive.  Just made me think, could Shanni's father have had an affair with Tianbian's mother because they had a quarrel?  Not explained but regardless, things get complicated when Xerya could only love Tianbian but Shanni has grown to love him even if they were siblings by legality.  So no blood relation... phew.  But you'll have to admit that the competition does get intense and two, Tianbian's adoptive mother has a severe form of diabetes.

Everything goes to where Lihong learns to let go and approaches her stepdaughter Tianbian.  So Lihong could only humble herself before the eyesore that is Tianbian so Shanni can get a bone marrow transplant but nothing happens.  But Mr. Hsu learns to accept the truth and forgive his dead son's infidelity but it will get sadder.  In fact, Shanni's disease is getting worse and she can't get cured.  So sad, really.  Meanwhile Eddie after some time he's annoying the crap out of everyone with his pretentious acts, he gets what he deserves when Mandy slaps him in public for double-crossing her.  Tianbian becomes a success but on that night, Shanni dies which made me sad.  In the end, Xiaogang goes back to Mandy (why in the world did she stillw ant him back is pretty stupid for me) and both Xerya and Tianbian end up together.

My rating?  6/10.  Really, I cry too much over Xiao Gang's loss.  Well it does have a high rate with housewives but not with me who's brokenhearted over a girl who looks like Tianbian. =(


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