Wishful Thinking: Who Could Have Played a Better Kaede Doumyoji?

I pretty thought Kaga Mariko wasn't that good for Kaede Doumyoji so here is my choice for a better actress:

Best choice would be Atsuko Takahata.  She's very known for playing bitchy roles in Tokusatsu like Ms. Reiko Ayanokouji in Janperson, the witch in Juspion or Maribaron in Kamen Rider Black RX.  I thought she really knows how to be scary.  Man, her acting as Maribaron and Reiko scared me in my younger years!  She could have been the better choice for Kaede Doumyoji.  Well she's still alive and in good health so she would have made a much stronger Kaede Doumyoji.  She's an awesome actress so no reason why she cannot be a good Kaede Doumyoji considering her years of experience and involvement in J-Drama which she does more than Tokusatsu.  I think she can match up to the acting standards of Zhen Xiu Zhen or Liu Xue Hua in acting as a bitchy woman!  I mean remember this character?

She's played extremely bitchy characters like Reiko (in Janperson) and Maribaron (in Kamen Rider Black RX) both roles which are bitchy.  She is one awesome actress so I thought, she could make a much stronger Kaede Doumyoji than Kaga Mariko.  Both characters scared me when I was a kid!  Though if you want to talk about what makes me want her to be Kaede Doumyoji, it's her role as Reiko.  Reiko had no kids so there's really not much to be scared about but what if she had some?  And really, Atsuko Takahata would have probably been really scary as Zhen Xiu Zhen's version in the Taiwanese version.


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