Watching More of Romance in the Rain

Well I'm now watching Romance in the Rain (which Indonesians who like Chinese drama will fondly remember as Kabut Cinta) and here's my thoughts.  I watched this before on TV but real life problems like school work and later real work cut down the schedule.  That's why I really don't care about broadcasts.  So far here are my thoughts on some of the characters and I would say this story is far more engaging than the Qiong Yao-like series "Last Night of Madame Chin":

Lu Yiping is hard and stubborn, pretty much vindictive for some time quite the opposite of her gentle mother.  So her backstory is that her mother became the 8th ex-wife of a philandering general albeit by force.  Eventually her dad divorced her mother for the opera singer Xu Qin.  The actiress Vicki Zhao could really play as the stubborn Yiping who learns to soften up.  Yup she and Liu Xue Hua are somewhat at par in acting.

Lu Ruping is the anti-thesis of her wicked mother Xu Qin proving people can be different from their parents. She tries her best to care for her father's ex-wife and her half-sister from a previous marriage.  Compared to her mother, she is kind and caring.  Well she and her half-sister Lu Yiping get into a love triangle for Hu Shuhuan.  I would say she is kinda stupid at times but that's okay at least she isn't evil.  Unlike the original, this version's Ruping ends up with Dufei where I assume they had a happy marriage.

For Hu Hu Shuan, well he is a righteous reporter.  Compared to Qin Han, Leo Ku isn't that good with acting but at least he doesn't give you the impression of, "He's so like this, he doesn't know how to act." compared to that idiot in Lavender that ruined the consistency of the mood.  Yup he is a great singer and all, you still have to love his performance.  I wanted Jerry Yan to play Qin Han's previously held role but still, Leo Ku still managed to pull the job right but not as good as Qin Han did.  So let's give him some credit to that.

To square the love triangle in the story, Dufei is the man who didn't exist in the original novel nor the version that Qin Han played.  Well he does manage to keep a rather depressing series with some occasional laughs.  Also he is the hopeless suitor of Ruping who eventually gets her at the end.  Heh, at least Qiong Yao had the heart to spare Ruping and let her and Dufei be together compared to the original where Ruping committed suicide.  I really love this guy.

Lu Erhao is a character who is the half-brother of Yiping and the full brothers of the other Lus except for the younger who he shared only the same mother with.  So he is pretty much still caring for his sister even with that bad temper of his and the fact he has a crush on Fang Lu is something.  Hmmm... he does have good taste.

Fang Yu... well too bad the actress Li Yu died so young at 33.  Other than that, she is a real friend to Yiping but had fallen for her half-brother Erhao.  She does kinda look like Anjanette Agbayani to me. =P

For Li Keyun, I do feel sorry for her.  It's not easy being insane to this level.

Lu Zhenhua happens to be a guy you could say has his good and bad points.  But I'm amazed at how crazy this guy can get with his history of having eight divorces... each one revealed that each woman he had married and divorced throughout the years resembled his first love Ping Ping who he never had.  So pretty much, a guy who can't let go and I find him really intimidating.  So yeah, he had to be cruel to whip Ruping with his horse whip or two, consider the fact when he found out Xueqin's youngest son wasn't his (that was well-deserved karma), he locks them up hoping they'd starve to death.  In the end, he gave his life for Yiping.

Fu Wenpei met the general Lu Zhenhua by chance and was forced to become his eighth wife after he had seven previous divorces.  She never wanted anything to happen in her life and she's just very unfortunate.  Tears.  I also thought it was kind of stupid how she agreed to live on the same roof with Wang Xueqin and suffered in silence which the deceptive actions resulted to the divorce thus allowing the latter to legitimize her marriage.  What's so stupid about her is how attached she is to her ex-husband or why she didn't fight back after she was forcibly married to him.

The wicked wife Wang Xueqin was once an opera singer and she married the general.  By her deceptive actions, she became the ninth wife resulting to the divorce of Zhenhua and Wenpei. Worse, she hoarded all the wealth for herself leaving the previous wife without the rightful fees.  In her case, she was a treacherous vixen as it's revealed that her youngest child Erjie was not from Zhenhua but from another man.  Heh, it does get to the point that she really was getting what she deserved.  In the end, she actually confesses her crimes thus redeeming her.  In fact, I felt bad for her after she eloped with her lover Wei Guangxiong (who was most likely the father of Erjie provided she didn't sleep with another man), then we later find out that she got what she deserved. However she also had genuine love for her own children as well which makes her slightly better than the Sentai villain Queen Grandienne who doesn't even care about her children.


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