The Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO

After watching OOO I thought the Greeed were a decent group but had some wasted potential.  Sure they look as cool as the Lords in Agito or the Grongi in Kuuga but they're nowhere cool.  I enjoyed OOO for its gimmicks, but I wish these guys could have done more in unleashing selfish desires to create mayhem.  They were born from the human desire to create life hence these are coin-based homunculi who are made from medals.  So they want to get the Core Medals to acquire power and one one is based on a theme shown by their appearance.  They birth the Yummies (which first appear as zombies) that become monsters for OOO to fight and are fed by desire, while driving the host mad.

Uva is a pretty hot-headed fellow.  While I felt sorry for him once when his own comrades blasted him, however part of me felt he deserved it.  Well he did get regenerated into the last surviving Greeed before Dr. Maki becomes the final villain.

Kazari well he's my kind of villain arrogant and scheming.  I think he's the coolest Greeed ever making me think too bad the show can't get him to be more cruel than he is.  I mean, this guy really knows how to give OOO a hard time!  I just thought that he was my favorite Greeed in here.  Too bad though, Dr. Maki killed him in cold blood.  I mean I find this guy cooler than Dr. Maki!

Gamel... well he does remind me of Monster from Bioman when it comes to being strong but stupid.  At the same time, I felt his attachment to Mezool was pretty dumb.  However I felt sorry for him when Mezool died which soon led to his demise fighting OOO.

Mezool is cool with her aquatic concept.  In my opinion, she does serve as a leader to the Greeed but she is nowhere near as cool as Baruba.  For me, I thought her final battle with OOO was one of the best scenes ever in the show.

Ankh as a bird-type Greeed was something.  So he was just a hand and he wants to be revived fully but bonding with the body of Shingo Izumi and him being forced to be allies with Eiji who became OOO, it was pretty funny at times.  However I'll say this guy is almost like another Kusaka in terms of being annoying to the point I'd rather work with Nago (who changed for the better later).  For me, this guy is kind of creepy and annoying at best.  Later, the fact that he spent time using Shingo as his host changed his outlook in life even if he temporarily defected back to the others.

Dr. Maki- Well he was a human who became a Greeed.  For me, I thought that while the show shows him as a cold and psychotic guy, I hate the fact he has to have that doll with him.  I mean why in the world would a grown up villain be so attached to a doll?  He did kill his sister after all who owned that doll.  So yeah, he has his problems but too bad the show doesn't give him the kind of cruelty that other Kamen Rider villains like Bilgenia, Daguva or Ouja possess.  Well for a final villain, it was okay but I wish the show made him a little scarier.  Other than that, I think he is capable of stealing Kougami's secret formulas for cakes.


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