My Thoughts on the Regular Allies of Kamen Rider Agito

Well Arakawa did a good job in presenting the mold for Kamen Rider allies (well I think he had taken Black RX's concept and smoothened it), Inoue managed to turn it to another direction in Agito.  Here's what I think of them...

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Makoto Hikawa- As a secondary rider for the Heisei era, I say he is really good.  While I don't like the whole G3 trailer thing since it's quite inconvenient but man he has some very cool weapons.  For me, I thought this guy was a comic relief that didn't become too silly to the point plot is ruined.  So he's clumsy and sometimes that gets on my nerves but I like him. XD

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Ryo Ashihara- I felt like he is a tribute to Kamen Rider Amazon which is cool.  But unlike Kamen Rider Amazon, he does tend to get feral and going crazy.  I really feel sorry for this guy and just thinking about him, he is a pretty disturbed person.  But good thing he got better.

Toru Hojo- Well he's what I'd call I'm mixed on him since he is rivals with the whole G3 crew and two, he does have a heart of gold.  So yeah, this this Toshiki Inoue's attempt to remake Gai Yuki?  Maybe considering he is a jerk with a heart of gold.  So he does still respect his rivals?  Well that's a good point.  He's just after the safety of humanity but makes mistakes like everyone.

Sumiko Ozawa- Well she's pretty feisty person with a rivalry with Toru Hojo.  Hmmm I think her involvement in the G3 project is one of the best things the show has to offer.

Takahiro Omuro- He starts off as pretty immature but matures as the series progresses.  It was fun to watch his character development.

Mana Kazaya- So at this time, Rina Akiyama was around 16 that time.  I thought it as good she wasn't just eye candy there, she really played an important plot in unlocking some of the mysteries.  She also played an important part in resurrecting Ryou/Gills.

Yoshiko Misugi- I thought his role in this whole show was more than just your typical professor back in the Showa era.  So here, even without superpowers he really proves to be useful especially when he knows of the whole Agito conflict.  For one, he's a kind stepuncle towards Mana even if there is no blood relation between them.

Taichi Misugi- I have nothing much to talk about except he seems to be an improved version of most Kamen Rider kid allies. XD


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