My Thoughts on the Allies in Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Kuuga- the triumphal return of Kamen Rider after its long hiatus in 1989, after Toei got the rights to Kamen Rider.  So what are my thoughts?  So I'd like to talk about the plot- we have Yuusuke Godai the main character who starts of as just as a "happy go lucky" guy who one day becomes the hero to save the world from the evil of the civilization called the Grongi.  What happens is that he is known as Unidentified Lifeform No. 4 and he was at first, distrusted but along the way aside from learning about his new powers (which took two episodes each for him to learn them, trying the more realistic approach to the what if you had superpowers situation) he also gets help from the police department and his allies...

Kaoru Ichijou- Well he's one professional detective.  Despite not having superpowers, he helps Kuuga in some other way eventually he's managed to kill a few Grongi with new special bullets that were later developed in the series.

Sakurako Sawatari- It was fun seeing her friendship with Yuusuke/Kuuga to which she translates the ancient Grongi language to reveal what powers Kuuga has.

Minori Godai- Even as a younger sister, she feels great concern for her older brother becoming Kuuga but eventually grew to accept it.

Hikari Enokida- Okay she does look like one of my old love interests but enough of that.  Her role is pretty conflicting that as a single mother, she has a child to watch out for while keeping her role as the breadwinner to which she studies the Grongi biology to develop new weapons for the police.  It was well-written to how she struggled with her life as a single mother and saving the world from the Grongi and how her son understood her work.

Tamasaburo Kazari- Well he's just a naive man who owns the Pore Pore restaurant, obsessed with Kuuga who he only knows as No. 4 and he only knew the truth about Yuusuke being Kuuga later.

Nana Asahina- Well she had a minor role as an admirer of Yuusuke and wanting to be an actress.  Later on, Yuusuke helped her overcome her own sadness as a means to carry out the protecting everyone's smiles.

Jean Michel Sorrel- Okay he's a white guy and an expert archaeologist who has a crush on Hikari Enokida.  Well I wish he spoke more English in the series but it was fine with me, his role was pretty defined.  I liked how he tried to reconnect Hikari to her son, proving he could be a good stepfather.

Sadao Matsukura- At first he is just suspicious of Kuuga but later he grows to trust Kuuga.  He wasn't likable at first but later, he eventually saw their need of Kuuga to defeat the Grongi.

Morimichi Sugita- Not much to say.

Tsuyoshi Sakurai- He's another useful and reliable police officer who partners with Kaoru whenever needed.

Nozomi Sasayama- Okay she's the hot police chief and I'm gushing over it she was acted by Eri Tanaka.  However she had lesser roles on the field and she was more seen doing spotter's jobs to help the men in the police force.  Overall, the brains of the police.

Mika Natsume- It was pretty sad to know her father died at the hands of Daguva and her character development was fun to watch, to how she overcame her grief and inevitably being part of a flute competition.  Eventually the trauma of the hostage crisis during the flute competition was overcome and she became part of a special college.  Yuusuke inspired her to continue regardless.

Shoji Kanzaki- Well he's part of Yuusuke's past and it was fun to see him being the inspiration, he's the childhood teacher who inspires him throughout.  Okay he's just got less roles but when he knows of Yuusuke's secret as Kuuga, he does play a role in inspiring him to fight the final battle.


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