Comparing "Love in the Rain" with Its Remake "Romance in the Rain"

Here's a comparison of the two Qiong Yao adaptations.  Yup the novel is a tragedy but I'd like to comment on both series content-wise.

The original series starred Liu Xue Hua and Qin Han.  I don't know much about the rest since I knew Liu Xue Hua and Qin Han through modern series.  I would agree that Qin Han's age was too old to play as Shu Huan but he doesn't look that old so it passed.  This version is a sadder, weepier version that my mom may not bother to watch.  I remembered my late paternal grandmother watched this before.  For me, this series was always a source of tears and frustration.  In fact, having Ruping commit suicide and that tragedy hitting the Lus, I know Ruping is stupid but don't make her any more stupid.  Now moving on...

The remake called "Romance in the Rain" has its lighter atmosphere but not without the trademark buckets of tears per episode.  So yeah, Vicki Zhao is pretty fresh and dynamic like as if she were a sufficient replacement for Liu Xue Hua who began taking lighter roles.  I would say that moving the story from Taiwan to Shanghai made a little more sense to me.  Maybe I would add that adding the original character Dufei lightened things up though he wasn't a constant annoyance like Qinghe was in Meteor Garden.  He was an idiot who was hopelessly in love with Ruping yet he himself had serious moments and they ended up together.  Ruping finds better meaning in life rather than the suicide in the original.  My only complaint might be Leo Ku is not so strong a Shuhuan as I wanted him to be but oh well, at least he didn't make us laugh unexpectedly like that idiot in Lavender.


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