Lessons I Learned from Kamen Rider Kuuga

For me, Kuuga did have some life reminders and life changing.  Here are some lessons I learned:

1.) We all make mistakes, even heroes.  This was elaborated when Yuusuke didn't immediately master his new forms which really emphasized that life lesson way more than most Kamen Riders.  Fourze had that one too but it wasn't that well done as Kuuga's though I honestly like Fourze better than Kuuga.

2.) We always need the support of others.  Very much elaborated here and it seemed to become the recurring theme of Kamen Rider and was carried over in Agito.

3.) Being a hero is protecting the smiles of others.  Yup it also helped me to realize a new reason why I blog.  And it seemed Yuusuke actually defined the true meaning of a Kamen Rider though he was the only one who carried that theme the most.

4.) Regualr people can become heroes.  That's what Kamen Rider Kuuga's allies were for.

Any more?  Just comment!


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