Is This Drama a Remake or Adaptation?

There's always the remake or adaptation argument.  I was inspired to write this post not ever since some stupid debate on whether or not Power Rangers is a remake or an adaptation.  Now for the clarifications I hope will set things clear for the argument...

The drama series "Romance in the Rain" is a remake, not an adaptation.  A remake uses the original concept without changing the original story in a new tone.  Also it STAYS in its country of origin.  So any versions of Romance in the Rain that will be done Japanese-style, Filipino-style, American-style, etc. is an adaptation.  But Vicki Zhao's version of "Romance in the Rain" is a remake of Liu Xue Hua's "Love in the Rain".  They both stayed more or less the same.

Meanwhile Meteor Garden is obviously the adaptation of the Japanese series Hana Yori Dango, adapted for the Taiwanese audience.  If a Filipino version were made, it was obviously adapted to the Filipino audience.  Even the setting changes a lot during its import.  It's just like Power Rangers, it was taking the idea of Super Sentai then it was adapted for American audiences.

So I hope this clarifies our terminologies.  Just because it's an adaptation doesn't mean its fake like Meteor Garden can't be fake and Hana Yori Dango the only real deal because it was produced with Comic Ritz' blessing like Toei grants Saban Entertainment (now Saban Brands) the license in producing Power Rangers.


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