Confessions of a J-Drama Fanboy

Here's another confession.... while I am a fan of Tokusatsu (but never rabid), J-Drama for me (then again I could consider Kamen Rider of the Heisei era to qualify due to how it's written), I really still like J-Drama over Tokusatsu even Super Sentai.  Yup, sometimes Super Sentai does have its ups and downs for me.  Now for a real confession...

One of the factors that got me into J-Drama was Super Sentai.  To be honest, my Super Sentai blog isn't as updated as it used to be because I'm finding Super Sentai kind of uninteresting after Gokaiger.  For one, some Super Sentai alumni after their launch end up with J-Drama like Toshihide Wakamatsu playing roles in J-Drama every now and then... while he really bothered to become a ghost in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.  And in one way or another, J-Drama manages to somehow get their careers going.  And for one, I have my guilty pleasure that I'd confess I'd rather watch Uramiya Honpo than Dekaranger since Ayumi Kinoshita took the lead role in Uramiya Honpo.  Lately, I want to see how Houkago Groove is doing due to Rin Takanashi and hee hee, I would plead guilty I could get into J-Drama because of the girls.  Then again, I still like Super Sentai but I still like J-Drama more.

However my first J-Drama obsession was with Mao Inoue who I didn't freaking realize was acting as the younger Tsurihime in Kakuranger as a child.  To be honest, I also thought that the Tokusatsu writer Toshiki Inoue (who also some infamy isses with Kamen Rider fans) is her uncle or even her father.  Hee hee hee, I wonder why she didn't do at least one major Tokusatsu role or even be part of a Kamen Rider cast.  Made me wonder if she is really related to Toshiki Inoue or not.  Time came when I really had a Mao Inoue obsession followed by an Erika Toda obsession while I also remembered Natsuki Kato (who played as Femme in Kamen Rider Ryuki) and Mao Inoue in Hana Yori Dango.  Then I want back to watching Super Sentai but ended up liking J-Drama more (again) whenever any Sentai hottie became a J-Drama star.  I'm disappointed in myself for this especially when I'll confess I spent much of my time drooling over girls I'll never have. -_- 

Meanwhile I begun to appreciate Kamen Rider's change of format as it managed to combine Tokusastu and J-Drama in such a beautiful way compared to Zaidorks.  Okay not all Kamen Rider seasons have pretty girls that I like but whenever the more logical (not superficial) side of me emerges, I really did have a hard time adjust with Kamen Rider (thus I didn't want to give Kuuga a higher score at first UNTIL I reconsidered) and also I thought that "Hey it's much better than Zaidorks." and began accepting the changes that the Heisei era had to offer.


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