Comparing "Last Night of Madame Chin" to Qiong Yao Novels

So far I've begun rewatching this show which was based on a novel by Pai Hsien Yung.  However I can't help but see there are similarities of it to some of Qiong Yao's stories namely...

It is set in the early Republican era where are severe traces of chauvinism and feudalistic family dictums.  Also it seemed to match with the ideas of bar girls who had more dignity than most rich people.

Loads and LOADS of tears.  Really, I thought that this was a very teary eyed drama similar to Qiong Yao's many novels.  Also you have PLENTY melodramatic plotlines and dialogues and not to mention females who go through intense psychological suffering for the sake of love. Zhao Li's story is as such where she endures a lot of stupid stuff like being a bar hostess which really, really she is forced to do so due to the chauvinism around her.

You have male protagonists who are often mentally weaker than the female protagonists.  Vic Chou's character of Sheng Yue Ru might be comparable to Qin Han's and Leo Ku's character of Shu Huan in that area.  He is passionate about love but ends up with a very objectionable romance when he falls for Zhao Li.


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