Why I Personally Think Naruhisa Arakawa Should Do Another Kamen Rider Head Writing Job

Okay I'll admit I wasn't very easy on accepting Kuuga until a second rewatch, I thought it would be good to have Naruhisa Arakawa do another head writing job for Kamen Rider.  Why's that?  Here's my reasons:

Kuuga was his fresh start. Though I wouldn't credit it as his best work BUT this is his start.  So pretty much, he defined the writing style of what Kamen Rider for the Heisei era should have and can improve.  So pretty much, he's got a lot of success in his first job as Kuuga which would help define the new era.

He's a very disciplined writer.  So he may have examined his blunders from his previous works (like that Jetman episode featuring Dryer Jigen), resolved them and then transformed his good start with Kuuga for better writing which he did with Super Sentai.  He's the head writer of Abaranger, Dekaranger and Gokaiger.  Okay I'll admit he's not very good with villains in Gokaiger but hey, he can certainly enhance the villains from Dekaranger, Abaranger or even the darkness of Kuuga!

It's not just plain blatant silliness but he really KNOWS how to address humor.  What makes Arakawa's writing really good is that for example, watching Dekaranger there's a lot of silliness in it but it's not just blatant silliness.  For example, Ban and Hoji in their friendly rivalry is not just meant to be rivalry for rivalry's sake or their silly arguments aren't just silly arguments- they were well crafted to add some realism to the humor.  Jasmine's likability as a character is also surrounded by her witty side like her "don" isn't just there for "don" sake, nope her comedy's timed.

Overall, I wish Naruhisa Arakawa will do Kamen Rider again or two, he should try doing TV drama writing for fantasy drama or maybe slice of life stories, either way I wish these outcomes will be real.


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