Toshiki Inoue and Endings in Kamen Rider: Passable to Worse Mix...

Yup that's Toshiki Inoue and I wonder if he's even related to one of my favorite actresses Mao Inoue.  I was reading the post at Them's Fighting Words about Inoue and endings.  Now here's my share.  I don't know what other critics like Fantasy Leader or That Chick will think or comment, well I could accept if they disagree or agree but here's my two cents:

Warning!  Spoilers ahead!

Kamen Rider Agito- So far this is his BEST ENDING.  Okay I don't like Toujou (but then again, most of his actions are clearer to be more of not knowing much or being skeptical, or just following rules) and later he was tolerated.  For me, while the ending did have some WTF that is that very HIIIIIIIGH jump that Agito did to defeat the Lord of Darkness from killing off the human race, it was in fact a very passable finale.  So nobody's pointlessly killed (unlike Gai Yuki's death was really lame in Jetman).  In fact, the ending is pretty passable, meets better standards compared to the succeeding ones he had as head writer.

Kamen Rider Faiz- I would say this is a VERY bad wrap up.  So we are suddenly introduced to the Orphonoch King who is just a kid, really why's that?  Inoue what did you eat to write such a horrid finale?  So everything's just pointless killing, a depressing season and the ending hands on the balance.  So we discover later that the Orphonoch King was just in a coma, it's worse than Gaja going back to sleep for another 1,000 years or more in Boukenger.  What the fuck?  Really this is a very bad ending for me, leaves me depressed all throughout.  It leaves the worst plot dangler ever for me!

Kamen Rider Kiva- I am pretty mixed with how this cartoony season ended.  I like the final sequence where Wataru and Taiga teamed up to beat the resurrected (but feral minded) Fangire King of 1986 in 2008.  So the two are reconciled with their common blood and their common mother Maya.  So okay, we do get the finale done and over.  But one thing was for sure- Inoue decided to parody the wedding of Ryu and Kaori with... Nago and Megumi of all people?  It's like as if Jetman was suddenly deciding to hold Gai and Ako getting married in the finale, maybe Ryu and Kaori got married behind the scenes and Kaori's telling Ryu they're going to be late then after Gai and Ako got married, well Radiguet returns to haunt them and they fight... in short an ending that was probably written for laughs.  From start to end, Kiva's full of blatant silliness and cartoony humor that made it more like a Nicktoons than a Kamen Rider series (that's okay with me) but really, why have Nago and Megumi married?  I'd say that the ending was pretty funny for me though, and the show was already silly from start to finish so I guess I can let this badly written finale slide over that of Faiz since I fell off my chair watching it. =P  For that Neo Fangire arriving, I thought it also added some blatant silliness in this already silly show.

Overall, I believe Inoue's biggest weaknesses are his finale.  But hey, I think I'd rather watch these horrid endings over Ryuki's first ending where a reset button was pressed! =P


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