Movie Review: Can't Say the Secret

So here's Jay Chou's first film called "Can't Say the Secret" which treats us to some old and new elements, surprises, etc. and here he is the genius pianist Xiang Lun who meets a mysterious girl known as Xiao Yu acted by Kwai Lun Mei.  So Jay Chou does his first lead role while he did a role in the rather tragic "Curse of the Golden Flower".  His character Xiang Lun can be pretty much weird while displaying Jay Chou's natural affinity for piano.  I just thought that the presence of Alice Tzeng as Qing Yi, she had a very different impression than her hateful character in Starlit.  Made me really think this film was wrapped up in some mysteries like how suddenly Xiao Yu appeared and we are also treated to a rendition of "Lover's Tear" which I really wanted Poon Sow Keng's voice badly.  But oh well.  This at first seems to be just your typical love story but it travels into the realm of science fiction slowly.

So the big deal is this- Xiao Yu mysteriously appears and disappears.  One particular incident is that Xiang Lun attends a dance party and then his lover Qing Yi says, "Next time you want a partner, just ask." which I thought raised some eyebrows.  Anthony Wong's character as Xiang Lun's father is an important part as he is also a member of the school.  What really confused me was that somehow Xiao Yu keeps disappearing.  The real shocker was soon this- Xiao Yu came from the past which is another of those confusing time travel movies.  So pretty much, talk about this film would appeal to Kamen Rider Den-O fans.

The piano itself was really some kind of magical piano that took Xiao Yu from past to present to past again, where she fell for a guy in the present to the era where she's basically dead which I find freaky.  Now we realize to why only Xiang Lun can see her.  With this in mind, it also disrupted their graduation which I found very unprofessional of Xiao Yu.

So the whole thing is rather than just "forget about it" like how most time travel stories are, Xiang Lun does the rather absurd.  So he goes to the school's piano room, does the musical time piece after he has received several messages from the past to the future.  So after doing the time piece, he is warped back into the past which can cause time travel issues.  So what happens is he meets with Xiao Yu in the past to where they have their graduation picture together.  Pretty much made me think, it's as if this one presented a film that maybe Yasuko Kobayashi would give her praises.  For me, I kind of am mixed with this film considering that time travel can be confusing.

My rating?  7.5/10.  If you're a fan of Den-O or Timeranger, you may want to get this.  But if not, avert thine eyes but it's a much better film than Future Cop.


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