Wishful Thinking: Some Minor Changes I Wish Were in Ryuki's Alternative Ending

Here's what I thought were some minor stuff I wanted to happen in Ryuki's Alternative Ending:

The ultimate battle between Ryuki and Ouja.  Made me think that it would be really epic if Ouja got killed by Ryuki himself considering that he made Ryuki's life so torturous one way or another.  It's like "Ouja you may be a Rider but you're one evil Rider!" resulting to a climatic battle.  Then I can have Ryuki do a Final Vent on Ouja to avenge all the people he killed.  Made me think that with a guy as crazy as Bilgenia, why not let the hero kill him?  I could really imagine Ryuki with a victorious roar.  Then again, Femme killing Ouja was still good considering the latter was killed by a weaker opponent who used her wits against him.

Just a thought also on the role of Natsuki Kato as Miho/Femme.  So yeah she starts out as a con artist but she later had genuine feelings for Shinji/Ryuki.  I thought that Inoue does like killing people in his script for the sake of killing them.  Hmmm... killing Femme for me was really a sad scene in that show. =(


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