Toshiki Inoue's Kamen Rider Trilogy

I've done reviews on Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Ryuki now for a runthrough on them.  Where was he good at and where did he mess up?  Well it's time for a critique summary of these things:

Kamen Rider Agito- Definitely Toshiki Inoue's masterpiece well-written from start to end.  Everything in this series was what I'd call finishing the work that Naruhisa Arakawa started with Kuuga.  With how the mysteries and complexities were written together with characters that aren't there for just being there and then dying for dying's sake, this is his top masterpiece.  For the finale, I pretty much think that it's passable but not awesome since that whole "I can jump that high do that rider kick." against the Overlord of Darkness can make anybody go O_o in some way.  However nobody was getting unnecessarily killed except if it was for plot and everything was close to perfection.  Overall, too bad Inoue didn't maintain this kind of work in writing up his stories.

Kamen Rider Faiz- Great concept, great theme but really I'm very mixed with how he wrote this whole series.  I like some parts of it like the human/Orphnoch war and I could tolerate Takumi.  But this feels very inconsistently dark... unlike Liveman which doesn't have forced humor.  Here some people like Kaido try to be funny but it just DOESN'T WORK.  Really and Masato is so annoying I'm glad he turned to dust eventually.  Comparing Masato to Jetman's Gai Yuki, it's sad to see Gai Yuki die since I was liking him eventually but that Masato, really nothing's redeemable about him for me and he's really so annoying with his constant overly whining about how much he hates Orphnochs.  Also, I thought that this show kind of just keeps killing people for killing's sake which are its weaknesses.  I thought it was a nice concept but Toshiki Inoue just really needs to reconsider his actions here.  Forced humor and useless characters prevented this show from going above a passable mark for me.  However I'd say I'd rather watch this than Saban's Mashed Rider or Decade which was for me too focused on the kiddie market.

Kamen Rider Kiva- I'd say this show might be bashed by some for being a silly season but I really, really like this work of Toshiki Inoue because it was so screwed up it's hilarious especially with the cartoony humor that happens in both timelines.  What I may need to figure out is why I can tolerate Nago (who's a jerk) over Masato or two, I really didn't even think the humor was forced.  Well it's consistently silly in a way that like none of the characters are meant to be too serious.  Well I thought that the Fangires/human war here not having the tone of the human/Orphnoch here for once was a twist to how Toshiki Inoue usually wrote stuff in the past- it's really light, fluffy and a land of candy and teddy bears though he just needs more practice.  Made me think was Toshiki Inoue playing Castlevania or watching Danny Phantom when he was the head writer of this series?  Regardless this silly show is really enjoyable for me though I'd say Inoue just needs to get a good sub-writer to help him out with humor.  For the finale?  It's pretty screwed up with the forced pairing of Nago and Megumi since the two basically don't like each other and they're getting married?  I thought the finale could have been okay just as it is like everybody's just at the park, sitting at the meadow before the Kiva 22 years later shows up and the Neo-Fangires show up, then they all do the Rider Kick at the screen than that unnecessary wedding which made me lmao.


  1. Good to see Kiva get some love! Due to it being in between Den-O and Decade it tends to get overlooked.


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