The Orphnochs in Kamen Rider Faiz

Well I didn't expect I would do this but as part of learning experience, I will do this.  I thought the concept was really cool but sadly, the show Faiz was too painful for me to watch.  Now I'd like to analyze them:

I would say that compared to most monsters, I find them to be well lacking color for some reason.  In fact, they're like an army of living gargoyles.  IMO I didn't like their designs that much due to their lack of color.  I really thought that the concept was interesting but POORLY implemented.

Now for the Smart Brain, one behind them:

The head is Kyoji Murakami (Rose Orphnoch) who is the President of Smart Brain.  I pretty thought he's one really survival of the fittest maniac as he views Orphnochs as the "next step of human evolution" where some dead humans were later revived as Orphnochs.  It's pretty disappointing he wasn't the final villain in the series.

Eichi Toda the temporary head, well he's really forgettable.

The non-Smart brain ones:

Hanagata is the foster father of Ryusei school.  He does play a role when he knows the consequences of forcing humans to "evolve" into Orphnochs.  He eventually crumbled to dust as a result of his "evolution" but not without revealing the darkest secrets of the show which for me didn't even progress it!

We even discover that Takumi is actually the Wolf Orphnoch, explaining why he could become Faiz. =P

Yuji/Horse Orphnoch.  I really thought that he was one confused fellow, I pity how the show treated him.  Really I thought later that his ascension into the place of President of Smart Brain shortly after the death of Kyoji was SO RANDOM.  Also, I really thought that him being framed up by Masato was also one of the worst plots ever.

Yuka/Swan Orphnoch.  Another underused character.  I thought she was the only character that made me sit through the show.  I did find her story interesting at first like her being the "black sheep" and then she was the love interest of Keitaro.  But really why kill her?  Ouch!  Inoue looks like he was killing for killing's sake!

Naoya- Boy is he SO annoying.  Really he's just another useless character for me.  So Yuka's got a crush on him but he's so obsessed with Mari?!  Really what's so special about Mari?

Yup here's one post where my heart isn't in it.  I don't know what you people think but I hope you can share your opinions with me on these guys.


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