Series Review: Kamen Rider Faiz

Well it's time for another review and I'm afraid this isn't a very pleasant one.  Just tell me if I've gotten into some bad mood swings here because this is one series I was thinking had really had me mixed.  So I get pretty mixed about this series.  Sure there was the good concept of the human/Orphnoch war or the conflicts going on but really, I would say this series is where I would practically think Toshiki Inoue needed to rethink what he did to write good and how he could write better.  Now where do I start?  So pretty much we are introduced into the world of the Smart Brain who I think is more on the stupid side, since really why are they forcing evolution on people and why do they want certain people to discard their humanity?  Also Takumi is kind of an idiot though I can tolerate him.  Along with him is that he's with Mari and the laundry boy Keitaro who does get on my nerves.

So the real issue has to be with the whole get the belt, lose the belt and really that gets annoying.  The three renegade Orphnochs namely Kaito, Yuji and Yuka well they hardly do anything.  For one, Kaido's crush on Mari is STUPID and I think the humor is too forced and inappropriate for what Inoue means to be a dark series.  I thought that Osada is a "laxative" of sorts for this show but not really.  Kiba, well there's that conflict.  For me that whole Kaixa plot is really one of the worst things as it lands on that very unlikable character Masato who's really a bad model. What in the world is the problem with that guy?  Really I just thought that he's always hate, hate and hate and he's always overly whining at how much he hates the Orphnochs, he thinks they're all stupid and then this whole drama just revolves around the human/Orphnoch war when come on, they're both basically human!  I could tolerate Shuji the default Delta though that Masato gets on my nerves TOO MUCH!

For the Orphnoch yes it's an interesting concept to bring especially humans can be bastards as real life facts can prove.  In fact the Orphnochs do display human cruelty as well.  I thought of the Smart Brain in their quest to "evolve" humans was already a foolish plot or the worse comes to worst, they really can get mighty boring.  In fact, some of the Orphnochs are just getting more uninteresting with how they just keep hosting competitions to see who wins and who loses and they talk about survival?  Really they should stop that kind of game because if they are to survive, they got to stick with each other.  I was thinking that the whole war was interesting but really I am so caught in between the whining of Masato over how much he hates them.  I mean does Masato have to frame Takumi and attack Yuji?  Really what's wrong with that guy?  I really thought that the Smart Brain was an interesting concept but they are too locked up stealing the Kamen Rider belts.  Fortunately though they don't execute silly plans but still, I really thought Inoue could have done better.  I mean it's really bad when Agito was good, this one flunked.

Maybe I should really move towards Inoue's love of tragic things.  I really thought that just because I don't like Keitaro doesn't mean that it's freaking right to suddenly and sensibly write off Yuka!  Really, I mean I thought Yuka deserved a better chance.  But why?  Really, it felt so much... I mean SO MUCH freaking sad that Yuka had to bite the dust after she has suffered at the hands of racist humans.  And really, the war has to be intensified I really think this whole series was getting from bad to worse on running around in circles not to mention constantly depressing.  I can't even blame Yuji's falling apart because of all the characters in the show and Kaido, really doesn't this guy do anything?  I know he's not as bad as Cassidy and Devin in Dino Thunder but still, man I really dislike him and his uselessness here.  The one good thing I might praise Inoue for really is when he did us all a favor by killing Masato.  Masato was so unlikable I was relieved when he died and I had no sympathy for him whatsoever.

Pretty much, everything should go from bad to worse to worst.  So the kid Teruo is really the Orphnoch King?  Really what's with that?  Then again kids can be very cruel.  But still, this wasn't another idea I welcomed.  So Masato's dead, yehey.  I did think while the start of the conflict of Yuji to Takumi was good but it did get somewhat bad for me.  So really, we discover that the kid Teruo was the Orphnoch King and then I really, REALLY have to say that the finale was too rushed.  So after the settling of conflict between Yuji and Takumi was done (Then again do conflicts like this cool off so fast?), we are treated to the really not so epic battle.  So Yuji finally sacrifices himself so the Orphnoch King can be defeated but not all's well that ends well?  We discover that in the midst of shambles, the Orphnoch King is guarded by Saeko willing he'll revive a very dangling ending.  And everything really well has cool concepts but really is a show I'd watch over Saban's Mashed Rider but was ruined by a lack of dedication.  Inoue should consider remembering his successes, why he did it and get better partners to help him write better finales.

Overall score?  6/10.  I dunno what you think about this series but I personally don't recommend it as a good series, it's passable for me but really got me depressed all throughout.  I'd rather watch Fourze over this overly weepy series with forced humor.  But if you like these kinds of drama, I'm fine with it.


  1. I didn't knew you have this blog in addition to the super sentai one.

    Yeah 6/10 seems adequate. I don't mind Kaido, he's part of the funny moments, it's necessary given the dark tone of the serie.
    I dislike Masato as well, (who doesn't oustide Japan ?). I guess this type of character is a cultural reference I can't understand.

    What is bothering me is rather the main theme of "dudes with no communication skills", it's overused, again, and again, and again... to an extent it makes some plots ridiculous. It works in Agito, but not there.

    1. To be honest, I really didn't like Faiz that much, in fact I find it horrible to watch, hard to digest and in fact, I didn't even have the motive to continue watching it and watching through it was a pain.

      By the way, can I ask what your favorire J-Drama series are?


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