Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Look at the Two Possible Endings of the Show

If one thing intrigued me so much in Kamen Rider Ryuki was how Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue wrote the endings.  For Yasuko Kobayashi she's not that notorious for finales compared to Toshiki Inoue (considering Faiz had the worst finale!), now moving... a thought of the two finales:

Finale #1- Reset Button Finale

The finale written by Yasuko Kobayashi for me is kind of really left me mixed.  So Shinji dies after he's injured leaving Renn as the final hero to fight.  He defeats Kamen Rider Odin and gets the final wish.  So what happens?  After that wish isn't made or made, whatever it hits a reset button that somehow saves the world but leaves everybody WTF?  SO all the participants of the Rider War are back to life but also bringing back that dangerous villain Takeshi who may still be a threat to society (but at least no longer a threat to the world), their minds wiped out of the horrible memories and then Renn and Shinji don't remember each other.  Made me think what in the world was Kobayashi thinking?  In fact this ending made me think what if Toshiki Inoue took part in writing it but it was her to wrote it.  I don't know what to think except that the reset button saved the world one way or another but still... it's getting me to go O_o-ing all the time with it.  Made me think that funny how some evil Riders didn't appear or Megumi still is around so I wonder what's next?

Finale #2- Alternative Ending

For some reason, Toshiki Inoue wrote the alternative ending which has the typical Inoue and finales bad mix.  What I thought about it is that it reveals a sadder version of the Rider War especially we have different stuff revealed like Takeshi/Ouja also killing Miho/Femme's sister which reveals how much of a bastard he is.  So no reset button here, every character development is kept and Yui dies in a much sadder way.  Also the Ryuga twist was also one of the best- this Ryuga/Dark Ryuki plot is really darker and scarier but too bad we don't get to see Shinji/Ryuki kill Takeshi/Ouja though Miho/Femme killing Takeshi/Ouja was good enough.  Too bad that Miho/Femme had to die... really I really hate seeing female characters die just like that!  In the end, we see Shinji and Renn finish off the rest of the Mirror World monsters.  Not a good finale but it really did keep character development and we can assume they won.


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