Kamen Rider Faiz and Reality Bites

I finally figured out that the reason why I really can't like Faiz for myself personally was the whole thought it's reality bites.  How?  Well I'd like to share my thoughts that it's not what I see as bad writing but all these reality bites stuff makes it hard for me to like Faiz which all of these I am pretty mixed on to like or dislike these elements which are some ups and downs of Faiz:

Masato is one of those characters I really love to hate because he seems to be the embodiment of "humans are bastards" trope making him very painful to watch.  All he does is whine about how much he hates Orphnochs, reminds me of the time I used to whine (or overly whine) about how much I hated certain races or shows like I am really guilty of overly whining of how much I hate much of American TV for instance.  And I'll admit I grew up having racist tendencies which this guy is also a mirror of me in some way- that is my  old self.  But not only me but also other people who look down at other races.  Boy this is where reality bites too much on the first part!  To be honest, every time I see him I want to hit my head on the wall because he really reflects my old self and as well as other people I hate encountering.

Smart Brain and their army of Orphnochs is another.  Really these remind me of how many people just keep getting away with their unethical practices and still do.  I mean Smart Brain while it looks very respectable to people outside, it's very corrupt that I don't think even think they really get badmouthed or what?!  I don't know if I hate them due to the "bad writing" or is it because these guys just keep getting away despite all the damage they caused.  In fact, the personalities for me felt too real.  I just thought that as villains, aside from poor execution they just felt too real or what?  I can't really explain but I thought that for one part, it does show the reality of people who seem to get away with what they do.  I felt like that the President should have been the final villain than the lame plot twist.  So these Orphonochs are really, really thinking they are above others just because they can transform?  WTF?  And as a commentary, the fact that they get limited lives because of forced evolution may be proof that messing with nature will kill you.

Maybe I should mention the renegade Orphnochs?!  For me I just had a hard time thinking about the reality of tragedy.  Poor Yuka, all she wanted was to live a peaceful life and then she dies?  I mean really, that's one of the biggest reality stings part of Faiz.  I am mixed on it- I like the realistic angle but come on, do we have to keep killing everyone?

Not to mention poor Takumi.  So he's an Orphnoch and forced to fight the majority of his kind.  That's a pretty good plot you have there but still, I can't help but feel sorry for him.  An Orphnoch fighting his own kind to try and promote peace, getting caught in ALL that conflict really hurts me!  In fact, I feel sad for him every time I see him or when he revealed he was the Wolf Orphnoch. =(

Overall, here's what I believe Faiz may be trying to present.  Maybe I don't like the series because of these factors more than the writing or the awful finale.  It's really painful for me to watch due to all the reality bites issues more than the running around in circles plots.  It's a culmination of too many dark plots that it just got too hard for me to digest but I respect people who love this series though.


  1. Faiz and Blade are middle ground for me. There's some bits I really like and some I'm not so keen on.


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