Wishful Thinking: Rin Takanashi x Tori Matsuzaka as a Geeky Couple

Well they've gotten their reunion in "Love for Beginners" where Rin Takanashi plays a hot vixen, looks like a stereotype breaker can be done if Rin Takanashi can be cast out as a hot nerd.  My plot?  Looks like we'll probably have Rin Takanashi cast out as a hot nerd who hardly entertains her suitors, who thinks anybody can be beautiful regardless how ugly they are and is too conservative.  So pretty much, she meets Tori Matsuzaka who's a geeky guy who's unlucky in love because he spends too much time reading and the two begin a relationship.  Pretty much, I want to write something to give justice to nerds everywhere or to women of beauty of virtue who are lusted after bad guys.  Or two, just a little bit of it that maybe there will be headturners in the campus who are more or less attractive than Rin Takanashi but they turn heads due to their flirty behavior to show that beauty is irrelevant with being flirtatious and that Rin Takanashi is beautiful inside out while others are ugly inside out and beautiful outside ugly inside.  Maybe we can add some of Rin's friends would be an ugly person she and Tori respects a lot and gets a handsome man of virtue.

Now for the individual characterizations... tentative title is "Stupid Attractions" under the genre of mature comedy.

Tori Matsuzaka's role is an unpopular geek who seeks the most popular girl at first.  He has his "I must ascend above everyone." mentality while he does have a few bad girls after him which he thinks are but garbage while seeking a hot chick to show off.  He also has a creepy hobby of watching gravure magazines, JAVs, Playboy videos, etc. out of his frustrated love life but one secret is about to open in itself.  In time he must choose between the past (his first love who he accused of cheating on him), another past (Emi Takei who he molested and now claims to be his fiance) vs. the future (Rin Takanashi).

For Rin Takanashi my characterization of her is that she's a campus beauty though she's not exactly the hottest.  Despite being pretty and sexy, she is a hot version of Emi Takei's character but less weird in the sense that she is more open to modernization to a certain extent.  However she is frequently seen doing geeky stuff like she plays with her similar gadgets like her iPad or her laptop to which she spends most of her time playing trivia games making her suitors baffle at her geekiness.  She does have literally a lot of suitors and Tori's one of them, though these suitors eventually run away due to her geekiness.  But Tori thinks of using her to brag since she's blazing hot (but she's not the hottest!).  However Tori grows to turn his lust to like to love with his girl due to her personality that exceeds her beauty.  She must also face Emi who claims she's a third party, accusing her of "adultery".  Later something happens between her and Tori which shakes Emi's life up.

Yu Takahashi's role will be where I think she will replace my fantasy roles of Vivian Hsu as a bad girl since she and the latter kinda look alike but she's prettier.  While she was a good girl in Kamen Rider Kiva, it would also be interesting to cast her as a bad girl that would define a walking contradiction.  Despite not being the prettiest, she's very well-dressed or mostly flimsily dressed, walks and talks in a flirty manner hence she's got a lot of boys dragged around her longer than that of Rin due to her ability to please their carnal pleasures.  She is also pretty much a flirt who dumps boys heartlessly after she gets a lot of money or properties from them, preferring older men of great wealth even if they are married.  Tori once pursued her to "climb up the ladder" and she heartlessly rejected him which was a blessing on his part.  Okay Yu's a good actress compared to Vivian so I'll have no problem with her.  She demonstrates that beauty is irrelevant to being a flirt, it's all about how flirty one is regardless of appearance as her peers range from the beautiful to the ugly with bad character like she is regardless of appearance.  She's the leader of her gang of evil women.

Emi Takei plays the part of a reduced part to a former love interest to Tori who's a crash geek of a big heart but has little or no brain matter despite the fact she's a top notcher student that exceeds even Rin's brain.  She does have a background of being molested by Tori in the past because of her cuteness and innocence but she has never told anyone about the incident, no not even her parents or the cops even if she initially rejected him during that fateful night that happened between them, even lied she consented to it due to the fact she thinks that when she loses her virginity to a man who can be her potential husband, she must marry that guy even if it's a loveless marriage.  Despite being seemingly stupid, she knows how to stand up against bullies but was broken by Tori ever since she humbled him which makes her want to fulfill that stupid "obligation" even if she didn't get pregnant during that one night stand.  She is also very forgiving towards Tori.  The fact she became Tori's girlfriend in the past proves she can be very stupid and though heartbroken from being dumped, she still likes him and considered him her husband even if they're not legally married.  She's an "antagonist" in the sense she's objecting to Rin falling for Tori not because she fears Rin will be next, but because she's hopelessly in love with a man who's molested her badly in the past.  What on Earth is she thinking trying to claim she's now Tori's fiance due to that incident?!

Takeru Sato plays as Tori's partner-in-crime though unlike him, he is pretty much like Gai Yuki in some way like he smokes, drinks and gambles but in a comedic way.  He pretty much likes to play around with girls especially teenagers which makes him a pedophile.  Worse, he's developed feelings for Emi who's only got her eyes fixated on Tori.


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