Why I Gave Heisei Kamen Rider Era a Chance

I would probably say that there was a time I took a hiatus from Tokusatsu since "It just didn't feel like my childhood anymore." bias came into my head.  Now I'd probably give my good reasons for returning back to watching Kamen Rider and I'm currently watching Fourze.  Here they are...

Japanese Drama story style of writing and the hero's friends playing important roles than it was in the Showa era (except for Black RX where that concept started to take root even if that show wasn't really spectacular for me, just my average cup of tea).  At first, it didn't appeal to me or perhaps I was suffering from extreme favoritism of Super Sentai but not in the way I picked on Power Rangers fans and Kamen Rider fans.  The execution of Heisei era Kamen Rider is pretty much like J-Drama in this way: two part episode arc against the monster to be defeated, not so much on the incredibly ridiculous plot of the week as still seen in Kamen Rider, the hero and his friends and so on- or the tragedies that surround it.  That's why I write Heisei Kamen Rider reviews in here instead of opening another Tokusatsu blog.  In fact, Kamen Rider of the Heisei era pretty much has a more different style of writing- pretty much like a J-Drama instead of a standard Kamen Rider that I think housewives might be watching this with me too!

Crazy humor in some of the seasons.  Well not all of them as Kuuga and Agito were in the more serious side, but Den-O (though I really can't digest it further but some people like it so I respect them!) was a funny show.  I would probably say W, Kiva and Fourze are funny shows.  I'm yet to finish Fourze though.  For Naruhisa Arakawa I wish he could do a comedy Kamen Rider series to strike gold, for Toshiki Inoue he did well with Kiva's humor for me but he should do more practice in striking gold.  I might watch OOO next.

The way multiple forms are handled.  Unlike in Black RX (the last Kamen Rider to follow Toku standards of episode writing rather than to have the TV Drama writing style) where RX immediately learns to handle his new forms, Heisei Riders usually follow the approach of the hero who needs to learn to use the new form- which was first used in Kuuga then it was eventually improvised by other writers.  Hmmm... made me wish Naruhisa Arakawa will return to do Kamen Rider again, I believe he'll do a better job than he did with his first work as a head writer due to experience and discipline.

Engaging plots that go on and on until the finale like action dramas that differentiate itself from other Tokusatsu genres.  Ryuki is jut one example.  There are good Kamen Riders and now there are evil Kamen Riders who are evil at choice compared to Shadow Moon being brainwashed and crazy.  For example, in Ryuki there's the mystery of the Rider War, choices to make, bittersweet endings and sacrifices.  In the case of Ryuki- first ending was meant to save the world even if it meant throwing away development out of the window or the second ending showing history can't be changed.  Ouja for one show


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