Where Kamen Rider of Heisei Era Succeeded as a TV Drama over Zaidorks?

Well now it's time to really write much about my really passionate dislike for Zaido (Though relax, no hate fic coming!).  I could say as much as I'm not really a fan of Power Rangers but the latter is more acceptable but let's focus on Kamen Rider Heisei era vs. Zaido:

Hero execution is way better.  Naruhisa Arakawa started it with Kuuga, Toshiki Inoue managed to furnish it with Agito (but sadly sucked with Faiz IMO, that series was painful but I'd rather watch it than Zaido if I were given a choice then he got better again in Kiva for me!).  As far as concerned, though I did take SOME TIME to adapt to the two-partner way things went with Heisei era, however the hero execution is so good it really still keeps a Tokusatsu heart.  True these guys act typically like TV drama heroes but it's done in a good way.  What about Zaido?  My problem is that why is everything so snail paced?  We had to wait for SO LONG before the Zaidorks even transformed to battle evil- at least in Kuuga we see Yuusuke transform into his semi-white form and then in episode two, the REAL battle begins though that was later fixed in Agito and future installments.

Drama elements in Heisei Kamen Rider aren't all flirting and stupid tweeny romance but rather people who develop beyond their inferiority.  What's it really?  I would say Heisei Riders feel so much like a TV drama but I would dare compare it to my favorite fantasy dramas that really has a LOT of development than just fillers.  Zaido was too filler filled, overfilled!  I've just started with Fourze though I'll say it does feel like a typical teeny bopper properly mixed with Tokusatsu... while I'm probably already suffering from a stupid crush on Yuki of all people!  Moving, on every episode has drama and ACTION loaded and the monsters don't linger for more than two episodes (mostly) in all these riders.

Ryuki didn't always have a Mirror Monster of the week but the plot progresses on the Rider War every episode leaving with intense suspense, not just character fillers (and also it's progress is WAY better than most Filipino fantaseryes, it progresses like a Chinese/Japanese/Korean sci-fi drama) compared to Zaido.  Every episode is filled with suspense, action and a lot of that fantasy TV drama style of writing.  Zaido's just a filler, filler and more filler most of the time that HARDLY moves forward with BAD PACING so much, I'd rather watch Kalish's disasterpieces or Power Rangers Samurai over Zaido.

More than just eye candy (for some), the women in the Heisei Kamen Rider shows they really don't need to henshin to fight or to be strong.  Okay there's some few female Kamen Riders but in here, the civilian women friends not shown fragile and flirty, they are instead shown to be part of the whole reason why the heroes fight whether as leading ladies who eventually help kick bad guy's asses or as the researchers or moral support.  Zaido really even has its women at a bad pace too.

Ah yes, I would like to launch the WHOLE issue of Zaido is that monsters manage to be created, then they just go on for days or even WEEKS being so active, then nothing really happens and what was the monster doing anyway?  Really what is going on?  Where are the Zaido?  Flirting?  Jealousy?  Kilig?  Really how UNPROFESSIONAL with dealing with the monsters.  In the case of Heisei Riders, you've got a monster for at least two episodes in standard timing, the hero learning to adjust and them analyzing every monster (for police drama effect perhaps?).  Even Ryuki or Kiva which were so too TV drama knew how to handle its situation properly with monsters.  If the writers of Zaido just did research with HOW to write action drama, Zaido could have been better.

And plus, it's best to keep Zaido away from the memories of people because to be honest, it's truly too horrid that I will NEVER respect its writing because it's too horrid.  I can respect Power Rangers because its fans have brought my Super Sentai blog to greater heights BUT Zaido, well you might just as well FORGET ABOUT IT and treat it like garbage.  But no hate fic writing... I hate that show too much that even writing a story about them is too stupid.  I mean, it was totally stupid why the writers of Zaido had to snail pace everything to the point it was too much fillers and all!


  1. Hahaha I dislike Zaido too. They gave dirt at Tokusatsu shows (._.) wait, are you from Philippines?

  2. The truth is, GMA wanted to make another stupid drama and slap 'shaider' on it to attract views.


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