Stereotypes in Qiong Yao Drama

I am yet to see Qiong Yao drama but I'd like to get oriented wit them.  Here they are that usually gives us bucket of tears to cry:

The old switcheroo.  When the main wife gives birth to all daughters and has no son then the wife swaps her baby daughter with a son who's not even related.  Then what happens is that they swapped children get married and fall in love.  It was also in Ru Yi where she has no idea her supposed mother-in-law is her birth mother while her real mother-in-law is her foster mother!  I just hate it whenever sons are always favored over daughters even if they were born from concubines.  

Dysfunctional families created by divorces and polygamy.  Such was the case of Yan Yu Meng Meng.  In the story, a general is basically crazy to have had been divorced eight times and the ninth wife always picks on the eighth ex-wife while she had an affair with another man.  There are other dysfunctional family ties so much present in Qiong Yao's dramas.  They can also have the extreme side of "kabit seryes" because some of them have a LOT of third parties and the legal wife learning to fight for her rights.  Courtyard has Liu Xue Hua's character of Han Ye fighting against the mistress of Qin Han's character Pei Weni.

Useless family feuds resulting to tragedies.  Very typically really but most of them are bordered on wealth and accidental murders. It becomes "I must avenge my dead (insert relationship)." type of story as well.  Some of them end up creating gangster battles.

The abusive mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships in the extended family house are very common in the older Chinese culture so that's why I believe it's best for men to move out of their houses when they marry.  Yep that's that.  In Qiong Yao's classics like Six Wives and lately Yun Niang, one can see the role of Liu Xue Hua in the past being the abused daughter-in-law also plays the part of the abusive mother-in-law.  Most of the time, the father-in-law usually dies too early out of vices and the mother-in-law remains.  In fact, the daughter-in-law to mother-in-law cycles show the endless cycle of the abused daughter-in-law of yesterday becomes the abusive mother-in-law of tomorrow as clearly portrayed by Liu Xue Hua's past and present roles where in Yang Shuo Chong Lou she is the abused daughter-in-law and lately she also plays abusive mother-in-law roles.  It would be something to let Liu Xue Hua play the part of the abusive mother-in-law more.


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