Series Review: Nodame Cantabile

I haven't seen the Nodame Cantabile anime or the Manga written by Tomoko Ninomiya to make a comparison and even if I did, I won't write it here.  Now for my first review this month is on the J-Drama that reminds me of my passion for classical music though I am no musically inclined person myself.  So it's just a short drama but worth its watch if you are a lover of comedy and classical music.  It focuses on Chiaki Shinichi and Noda Megumi who study music, to which each episode focuses on different pieces of music and some comical characters that make this short J-Drama memorable.  Every episode of it gets me higher with all the wonderful classical music.  The opening and ending as arranged by Hattori Takayuki

So the story starts with Chiaki who was trained in Europe of all places to become a champion musician.  So he's pretty talented, good thing he is or he'll just be a laughing stock.  So one day he does return to Japan where he becomes a conductor, he of course is kind of arrogant and can speak many languages and he is Momogakoa's top student in music.  So he has his phobias in Japan.  So there's the character Noda Megumi or called Nodame who is our heroine.  But not very likely heroine since she's pretty bizarre considering her lifestyle- who is a messy, disorganized person and may take baths several days apart (ugh) but don't worry she improves.  She is a talented pianist who wants a normal life as a schoolteacher.  While there are several characters, the show actually focuses on Nodame and Chiaki who are quite different from each other especially when it comes to standards and their meeting was just an accident.

What is pretty fun to watch is how Nodame begins to change for the better due to her infatuation with Chiaki that eventually blossoms into true love as the series goes by.  There's some characters in the orchestra that are mere extras which I won't talk much about here.  I do like how Chiaki actually protected Nodame from his perverted teacher Momogakoa who's no doubt a pedophile.  For every episode, there's a wonderful piece.  Chiaki soon becomes the leader of a student band and because of that, Nodame develops further from her unlikable self to a likable character which also involved her becoming more mature.  As time passes when they start taking risks, they do fall for each other and eventually the series ends with a big orchestra and Nodame appearing as a monkey mascot, playing the flute for laughs.

My rating?  8/10 stars for humor, storyline and music.


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