Kamen Rider Fourze to be Power Rider Apollo? My Reaction!

Okay I'll get it straight again I am NOT a PR hater or anything but there are some CRAAAAAP things that Saban did like his infamously stupid Mashed Rider.  Yeah, Mashed Rider was really that bad that I guess anybody who dislikes Black RX would rather watch the latter.  Can anybody confirm this for me?  Now just my thoughts on how the adaptation could SCREW UP... and I hope this is just an April Fool's joke.  I will take down this article if anybody and I mean ANYBODY CREDIBLE can prove me to be dead wrong.  Am I wrong?  Just COMMENT.  I really need all the help I can get.

Fourze is what I'd call "Saban's Mashed Rider done right."  So we have teenagers forming the Kamen Rider Club. But really Saban can you STOP with that MMPR nostalgia overuse?  If you want to use the "teenagers with attitude" theme then CUT all links to MMPR so you can get the idea done better will ya?  I was watching Megaforce and really LINKING GOSEI TO ZORDON IS WTF STUPID!  Come on Saban ALL the MMPR fans have already grown up, if you're greedy enough for more money why can't you look at the new kid market?  I really hate the idea of making a Fourze adaptation as a direct MMPR nostalgia.  I mean when Megaranger was launched, the only thing nostalgic the whole show had to its other inspirations like Bioman and Turboranger were NEVER linked storywise!

Also CUT OFF every link it will have to that awful Saban's Mashed Rider- that SHOW was an entire pain to watch >_<.  I can rewatch Black RX as many times as I want and still like it (even if I've outgrown it) over that garbage that is Saban's Mashed Rider.  That show was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!  Need I say more?  Really Saban, that Mashed Rider saga was so bad... so bad that a horrible season like Decade would make a shoutout to it!  It was so bad Shotaro Ishinomori forbade another adaptation.  Now may his ghost haunt you if you screw up again!

Also STOP with all that MMPR nostalgia. Come on, all the toddlers who have watched MMPR have GROWN UP already.  You need a completely DIFFERENT approach.  Really?  Well you can have your Kengo counterpart partly inspired by Billy or maybe your Miu counterpart inspired by Kimberly but could you FIND SOME OTHER SOURCE OF INSPIRATION?  You could let your writers watch Jimmy Neutron then blend them into Fourze.  Now that wouldn't be too hard would it?  How long have you been sleeping?!

Meanwhile I PERSONALLY think Saban adapting Fourze equals giving Sheen Estevez the powers of Fourze.  Kengo and Jimmy Neutron are now angry!


  1. Keep your pants on! It was an Early April Fools joke..



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