If I Were to Handle a Fourze Adaptation, Here's What I'd Do

Boo!  Hiss! But the April Fool's joke got me to write this!  Say what you want but then again, I really thought of it if Toei can make money if Saban gets the rights to Kamen Rider Fourze, first I'd stick with the name Power Rider Apollo to keep it separate from that STUPID Mashed Rider and two, this should be Saban's chance to repair himself from that stupid mistake he made years ago by getting competent writers and producers to make this.  Now for my characterizations not only based on Kamen Rider Apollo or past references to MMPR but rather, trying to keep things fresh but I haven't named them:

A Latino superhero for Fourze's counterpart.  I'd probably try to keep him as wacky as Gentarou and probably closer to Sheen Estevez and get some characterizations of Sheen Estevez.  He firmly believes in the existence of the supposedly fictional Power Rider Apollo (he even has an action figure) then one day becomes the action figure he loves!

For Kengo's counterpart, I might give him Jimmy Neutron's hairstyle and personality more than it was on Kengo.  Maybe he might be the type to "screw things up" at first then fix the switches.  Like Jimmy Neutron he'll have that prolonged "NOOOOOO!!!!" when things go wrong.

For Yuki's counterpart, I'll probably keep her basically alike or maybe make her the "Cindy Vortex" of the series.

Shun's counterpart doesn't really need much retooling to fit the American environment.  But he could be played by Andrew Gray as an entirely separate character.

For Miu's counterpart, the cheer leader thing can remain.  But maybe I'll copy some aspects of Gia from Megaforce into her.  Maybe I could cut the whole cheer leader thing and make her "student body president" due to her being the hottest girl and having brains, but she has the weaknesses of Miu's as well.  Ciara Hanna could do the role.

JK's counterpart may probably be a greater weirdo in my watch.  Maybe make him like Tucker in Danny Phantom?

Tomoko's counterpart can be a goth like Sam Manson.  Maybe make her more like Sam than Tomoko.


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