The Nago x Megumi Pairing

I would like to tackle on the most in your face pairing due to the extremely low compatibility.  So I guess Toshiki Inoue may have intended them to be a couple in the end with a few of these hints in Kiva's world of rainbows, teddy bears and censored out vampires...

So two different people, two different worlds and of course, they don't like each other.  As much as I think the ending is very WTF however there seemed to be a few "hints" or that Inoue was forcing the pairing all along even if in real life, chances of this happening is very slim or even zero percent.

In episode 4, Nago admits "he really likes her" but oh really?!

In episode 5, there was that stalker who was going after Megumi.  So was Inoue putting hints towards his most messed up that it's hilarious ending?

Nago brought Megumi red roses in episode 7 in the hospital.

One scene made them look like they were dating BUT it wasn't a date.

In episode 21, Nago refuses to go n a group date until Megumi is invited by Kengo.  Sly.

In episode 23, Megumi describes her ideal man and then Wataru guesses out it's Nago.  Hmmm... man I hated this scene because I was going for a Wataru/Megumi pairing which didn't happen.

But seriously, all these are just what I'd call wacky hints to a wacky ending.  But if you're a guy like Nago, don't bother dating a girl like Megumi and vice versa!

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