The Lords in Agito

The Lords in Kamen Rider Agito pretty much intrigue me. So it's said they were the protectors of Linto from the ancient civilization called the Grongi, however they have also become the antagonists later which I pretty much thought of what they really were and the mysteries behind them.

So we have two opposing forces, the Light and the Darkness who virtually oppose each other but have to be kept in balance like Yin and Yang in the philosophy of Taoism.  The opposition was so great especially when the Overlord of Light gave the Seed of Agito into humanity while the Lord of Darkness wanted to get rid of those with the Agito seeds.  So I could say, once they were in harmony but their conflict had gone too far.  I do find it really too much that the Overlord of Darkness gone so far as he wanted to kill ALL of humanity for his own selfish desires to get rid of the Agito seed.  

So when the Overlord of Light got defeated during the Akatsuki incident, the Overlord of Darkness naturally took over.  I don't know what really is his problem with the Agito seed except that perhaps, he felt like that humans are not worthy of such power of the Agito seeds in them while his counterpart the Overlord of Light felt like some humans could be worthy of that power.  An opposition is at hand.

I would say that the design of the antagonists sent by the Overlord of Darkness to kill the Agito seed bearers looks like Egyptian gods and goddesses.  When they want to kill, they do the ritual sign since it would be a sin to kill a human unless the Overlord of Darkness permits it since they were once protectors of humanity from the Grongi in the past.  I do like the way they die with that halo appearing and how mysterious these guys were, which we never knew their real motives until later for those killings or their purpose of removing the Agito power wasn't revealed until later, leaving a thrill to everything.


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