Silence and the Qiong Yao Feel

Silence can be deadly... and this nearly Qiong Yao style drama proves it.  I don't know if Silence happens to be one of those drama series that was once acted by Liu Xue Hua and Qin Han, all I can say is that Vic Zhou seems to be the replacement for Qin Han in here while Park Eun Hye seems to be the replacement of Liu Xue Hua.  Actually this isn't a remake of Deaf-Mute Bride but may have been inspired, I can't call this a modernized version but all I cay is, this gotten me too sad with how it was.  And Vic Zhou is a jerk with a heart of gold, who sadly suffers from a chronic liver cancer (ouch!).  Now here's what I thought about the Qiong Yao elements in this one...

Teary eyed couples and a lot of tears, with some dragging in between.  Fortunately Silence only has at least 19 episodes compared to most Qiong Yao dramas my late paternal grandmother watched.  But if she viewed this, I think she would have watched it from start to finish.  And there's tears, lots of tears.  Also Vic Zhou's role, I really hated how his character Qi Wei Yi had to keep hiding his identity from his childhood love Zhao Shen Shen, really it just got too painful but such elements are pretty much prevalent in Qiong Yao except here it's the hero who suffers.


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