Series Review: 100% Senorita

Here was one drama series I never thought would get that popular.  It just seems corny, stereotypical at the start and Wallace Huo was still struggling.  The story has Deric Wan from So Close acting as the badass villain Peter (but I wish he was acted by Andy Lau instead!) who is the fiance of Zhuang Fei Yang whose twin sister Liang Xiao Feng has been missing.  The story was that a barren woman gets a baby maker (the mother of the twins) to bear children for them, one went to the father, the other went to the mother.  So Zhuang Fei Yang grows up as a rich woman raised by her father and big mother (what happened to her big mother is never specified so she could be dead already!) while Liao Xiao Feng grows up in poverty.  Hmmm... kind of like the bigamous setting.  On the other hand, Li Wei Xiang a struggling lawyer falls for Zhuang Fei Yang and also for Liang Xiao Feng which makes the story messy.  So there's the conspiracy of Peter seeking to take over, while he is engaged to Fei Yang who wants revenge for his supposed involvement in her father's death while it was in reality, he had no involvement whatsoever except in Fei Yang's near death.  And in Fei Yang's near death, her face got altered to look like Penny Lin.  I just heard a rumor also that Barbie Xu was supposed to play Joe Chen's part but sadly didn't.  And Jason Hsu as Zhe Lin also plays a part as Fei Yang's admirer but later falls for Xiao Feng.

So how good does it get?  I'll admit Wallace Huo isn't doing that well BUT he's doing his best.  As Wei Xiang, he was adopted by a judge who felt guilty about passing the wrong sentence of his parents.  What he does is he forms some kind of agency with a group of wacky friends who are usually comedic but do play serious parts.  He is a lawyer who becomes the protagonist.  In the conspiracy, when Xiao Feng is discovered, she assumes the identity of her twin sister who she isn't aware is her twin until later.  So for Fei Yang, she wants revenge.  And of course, she's a very great actress despite her wealth, she isn't a pampered brat but rather a heroine who can stand up on her own.  For Xiao Feng I do have issues with how overacting she can get but I can tolerate her.  And of course, Peter's scheming is so done well you'll hate what he does with his greed.  But in between, Peter also falls for Xiao Feng proving that despite the fact he's a villain, he can really care but his greed just keeps getting in the way.  And to Fei Xiang, she discovers her birth mother and what was the story behind her father, big mother and birth mother.

For Wei Xiang, his story with Fei Yang actually develops into actual chemistry which I think both Penny Lin and Wallace Huo have like those of Qin Han with Bridgette Lin or Kenny Bee.  The interaction really blends in though I credit Penny Lin WAY more than Wallace Huo for acting.  Penny makes her character really come to life more than Wallace does.  In the pairing, I really saw there's much on-screen chemistry between Penny Lin and Wallace Huo as they play their characters out.  I just thought that both characters went beyond their Dolphin Bay counterpats in the world of lighter and softer.  Also, I just thought that while it seemed random for Fei Yang to fall for the new Fei Yang (now wearing Penny's face!), there was much ongoing development that makes this story a little bit more real.

Moving on, so Xiao Feng discovers she is the twin sister of Fei Yang and while she's in love with Wei Xiang, she's also liked by Zhe Lin and Peter.  Peter's too old for me.  Now moving on, I really thought the sister conflict was also another plot that gave this story more and more drama.  Peter later reveals to Xiao Feng that she is also the late CEO's daughter, which makes her the other heir.  And the two were later revealed twins, so Fei Yang gets her wealth back (and Xiao Feng gets her share) however there's that twitch of "to deceive your enemies, you must deceive your friends first."  Hmmm I wonder why that keeps on happening?At the same time Zhe Lin has fallen in love with Xiao Feng all the more.  But he does back out for some time because Xiao Feng has fallen for Peter and vice-versa.

So I do find it hateful to why Fei Yang later tries to "resume" her relationship with Peter while Wei Xiang is too attached to her.  What the audience knows and Wei Xiang doesn't know is that Fei Yang has been plotting her revenge.  Also sideline, Fei Yang now has contracted some kind of disease that's left unknown, perhaps pseudonomas which made me think she was going to die.  Oh me and my paranoia!  Now moving on, I just thought that it was plain genius for Fei Yang to deceive everyone.  And of course, the revelation of Peter's innocence behind the death of Fei Yang's and Xiao Feng's father was surprising since I thought he masterminded it though it was verified he had frustrated murder with Fei Yang.  Later a guilt ridden Peter turns himself over to the jail while still holding feelings for Xiao Feng, which was unusual since he usually just plays around with women.  What was so sweet was that Fei Yang managed to survive her operation in Germany, she is later seen holding hands with Wei Xiang.  Then there's that repeat of the shoe off and Zhe Lin catches the shoe of Xiao Feng.  Overall, a pretty twisty story.

My rating?  9.5/10 stars.


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