My Thoughts on the Kamen Riders in Ryuki

Ryuki so far has the most number of Kamen Riders in one show.  Now moving on... and I'll include the two possible fates provided by Kobayashi and Inoue.

Shinji Kido/Ryuki- As the main character, I would say he's pretty much idiotic, idealistic yet he has noble goals.  Hmmm with his position as a journalist, I thought of him as a parody of Spiderman in some way.  So he and Ren just keep getting into squabbles because of his idiocy and the other is a jerk.  For a character, I thought he always has his moral dilemmas and his reason to be a Kamen Rider is nothing personal, he just wants to protects people from the threat of the Mirror Monsters.  So a pretty tragic hero to the point in the original continuity, he even died after fighting despite all his injuries, in the "second chance" timeline he becomes an idiot again.  In the alternate ending by Inoue, he and Ren don't forget each other and decide to finish the last remains of the Mirror Monsters together in which they most likely won.

Ren Kiriyama/Knight- Okay he's pretty much a jerk at the start especially with his selfish wish to restore his fiance Eri from her coma.  Sad, tragic but come on it's no excuse to be a jerk!  However there are times I pretty much side with him during Shinji's idiotic moments.  But as time develops, he becomes a more responsible person and I was so happy for him Eri awoke.  Also, the "first ending" line, I liked how he wept for Shinji's death which he had his battle with Odin.  However with the "second chance" that came, so he's back to a jerk and everything's just gone?  For Inoue's alternate ending, I do like him there better considering that he and Shinji really cooperated with each other to end the threat of the remains of the Mirror Monsters.

Masashi Sudou/Scissors- Quite too short to talk about him except he's a corrupt detective.  Also his appearance was too short.  I did think his death by his own Contract Beast Volcaner by being eaten was something.  I gave a lot of points to Ren for defeating him.

Shuichi Kitaoka/Zolda- He's more of an anti-hero despite him being a corrupt lawyer of sorts.  So okay, he's really after the gift of immortality to further his extravagant lifestyles yet he later respected Shinji and Ren in some way though he is a jerk.  I think his Contract Beast Magnugiga rocks hard.  I do find his crush on Reiko to be pretty creepy.  His backstory where he actually has some unknown cancer is pretty scary for me considering my dad and his two female cousins and his older sister and one niece of his all died from cancer! So later he gives up on the immortality and decides to settle life as it is.  In the original ending, he is later given a second chance, most likely he's cured but remembers nothing (he did die before the screwed up square one finale).  In the alternate ending, it's revealed he has a grudge with Takeshi since he got duped... I could sympathize with him there!

Miyuki Tezuka/Raia- So while I thought he was another evil rider due to his Evil Diver Contract Beast, fortunately he isn't.  He's a fortune teller who wishes to stop the battles due to the many innocents that got killed.  Poor him, he had to be killed by that bastard Takeshi/Ouja while they were in Rider mode.  In the original ending, he's back alive with no memory of being a Rider while in the alternate ending, he stays dead. =(

Jun Shibaura/Gai- Here's one character I pretty much hate not because he's a villain but because he's such a braggart who is arrogant because he's the wealthiest guy in the series, reminds me of somebody I want to do a Rider Kick on.  Well I did think that there are some parts of him I could have liked in a villain like his hacking through ORE Journal to further his own selfish ends.  Also, I really think that his making people fight each other for his sick pleasure makes him a really deadly opponent despite his age.  Made me think, it was a waste for him to die so soon since he could have expanded his deadly sadism further with Ouja's help.

Takeshi Asakura/Ouja- Truly evil incarnate in Kamen Rider Ryuki and best evil Kamen Rider ever made, Takeshi's not the man to mess with especially the day he became Ouja.  He's so evil he makes Shadow Moon look pathetic plus he's got that sadism and cunning which made me think he's definitely Sword Saint Bilgenia with the King Stone, only a more evil version with a huge degree of cruelty and arrogance I would really pick him for a crossover.  So he was jailed for a crime he committed when he was but 13 years old, how sick can he get to attempt to kill his whole family then when his brother was still alive, he kills him?  So Shiro gave him a Contract Card and he got Venosnaker which is one freakingly awesome beast plus he's got that very cool Rider Kick that does multiple hits and has a huge pack of power.  What does he do?  So while he does everyone a favor by killing Jun/Gai, he mercilessly kills Miyuki/Raia in cold blooded fashion.  Plus, the fact that he doesn't care about anyone and plays around with people in his sick sadism game now he's got Metalgelas and Evil Diver to help him while he menaces Shinji's life like Bilgenia does to Kotaro in Kamen Rider Black without running around in circles he's very direct to his evil plots.  For that boat plot, I wish the writers made him feed the people to his monsters to make him more sick than he already was.  As far as concerned, he's so evil he's better off shot down dead since jailing him, he's only kept on escaping!  So he bites the dust being shot by the cops since he's wanted dead or alive while without his suit only to be revived again in the original ending, the alternate ending makes justice better.  So in what way?  He gets killed by Miho/Femme a woman of all riders to kill him, a very poetic ending to a sadistic madman!  Death of a sadistic mad man at the hands of a woman kind of makes a good poetic death though I wish Ryuki killed him.  He might even kick the asses of the Gorgom priests and Shadow Moon too!

Satoru Tojo/Tiger- A guy with a twisted sense of heroism, I do think he's one disturbed fellow with his cool Contract Beast Destwilder.  He wants to be a hero for the reason of fame and WTF he kills his mentor Hajime/Alternative and cries after that?  What a whiny guy.  And also, I just thought that as an anti-villain I never found him interesting.  However he had a last minute redemption saving a family from being run over so I guess I can forget about all the other stuff he did.  So he died in the end... as a true hero but too late to savor its true glory.  He also didn't reappear at the end of the series as well.

Hajime Nakamura/Alternative- While he taught heroism to Satoru and he loves his family, sadly he managed to get Satoru corrupted in some way.  What I thought of him as a scientist, he wants to end the plague of the Mirror World.  I don't like his Contract Beast Psychorogue.  I did feel sorry for him when Satoru killed him and times when Satoru went against his orders not to take matters into the latter's hands.

Mitsuru Sano/Imperer- He does annoy me with how he talks but I did at the same time feel sorry for him.  So he was "disinherited" by his father so he could learn more about the real world like Thor was "banished" by Odin in the Marvel Comics to teach him humility.  I do like his Gigazelle Contract Beast though his enthusiasm to join the war out of admiration can be annoying.  Despite his nuisance, he had a kind side to which he tended to Satoru/Tiger, only to be turned against.  Worst even to happen to him was when Takeshi/Ouja killed him while he was defenseless.  I felt sorry for him.  In the original ending, he's presumably back from the dead with no memories as a Rider, in the alternate ending he remains dead in my favorite ending. =(

Alternative ending:

Miho Kirishima/Femme- True to her codename, she's a femme fatale a con artist of beauty.  Don't let her beauty deceive you as she can really prick you hard.  Strangely she uses a swan Contract Beast called Blancwing.  So there's a backstory behind her and Takeshi/Ouja as he killed her sister.  Ouch.  Well she did eventually gain feelings for Shinji but was later killed off by Ryuga.  My favorite part?  It's the fact she's killed Takeshi/Ouja giving the latter death at the hands of a woman, an insult to every sadistic male villain.  She survived in the alternate 13 Riders continuity.

Dark Shinji/Ryuga- Now we've got the evil version of Ryuki who wants to save Yui as well and he's got everything Ryuki got including his Contract Beast Dragblacker looks a lot like the Dragredder.  I do find him hateful for what he did to Miho.  Moving on, I really thought merging with his real self Shinji was a really frightening concept.  Fortunately he was put to death by Shinji/Ryuki once and for all.

Odin- He's the puppet of Shiro with an unknown identity.  I'd say he's pretty much bland except he has the cool power to control time which can make things messy.  So eventually he was defeated by Ren/Knight.  I would say I find him pretty bland, very bland. All I can say is bleh about how he's being executed.

13 Riders Exclusive:

Itsuro Takamizawa/Verde- Quite classic with all those pretentious villains that is while he appears to be good, he's in reality a manipulative bastard who got killed by Ren/Knight. He uses Biogreeza as his beast.


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