Guang Xi and Mu Cheng in "Next Stop Happiness"

After doing a review on "Next Stop Happiness" I think I should do a more close-up focus on Guang Xi and Mu Cheng.  For me, the relationship is one of the most stormy and unexpected ones, yet with a happy ending after all the tears the series produced in the eyes of the viewers.  So it all starts where Guang Xi was the arrogant law student because he's rich and for Mu Cheng, a poor woman with determination in life to get out of her misery.  As a Bento girl, she just wants a happy life, not aspiring to be Cinderella yet meeting the most unexpected Prince Charming in her life- Guang Xi!  So she doesn't expect to fall for Guang Xi, but Guang Xi fell for her and she was just about to become one of his many girls to fool around and dump.  Yet her kindness and gentleness managed to conquer Guang Xi especially when she played the piece "Air on G String" to which, Guang Xi in return saw the error of his ways and fell for Mu Cheng while she had a lover Tuo Ye who she never loved back.

So pretty much, there's the usual "She's too low." objection from Guang Xi's mother who starts off as pretty antagonistic but in a softer way.  So what happens is that when Guang Xi is later discovered to have a brain tumor that could kill him, believing it was the end they got intimate and when they broke up, Mu Cheng discovered she was pregnant with Guang Xi's son.  But she was VERY afraid to admit the truth because of the pain it caused her.  Worse, later Guang Xi under amnesia fell for another girl namely Yi Quan but everything started to come back.  For Guang Xi, he felt something missing was in his life and that pissed him off when he discovered his former girlfriend had hid the truth from him, his son Xiao Le!

What happens later is that Guang Xi discovers his past and leaves his fiance Yi Quan who lets go of him.  But the anger with Mu Cheng was raging hot, so he marries her against her will but maybe not, but she was still in love with him.  But slowly and surely, Mu Cheng's mother-in-law starts to soften up to her, in fact the mother-in-law who initially hated her started to be grateful to her for changing each other.  But I didn't like how Mu Cheng hid a lot of secrets and kept telling white lies, in fact that action nearly caused her happiness to end.  In fact, Mu Cheng was still in love with Guang Xi but was always in pain, denial and she didn't want anyone to see her frail side.  For the supposed divorce, well it turned out to be Guang Xi played a "legal game" on her to get them back together.  Of course, the funny twist after a lot of tears was when Xiao Le was supposedly "kidnapped" and when they strengthened their vows, the two eventually cemented their otherwise stormy relationship for a lifetime.


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