Gaia Memory as Dope

One of the most interesting plots in Kamen Rider W is the Gaia Memory which is basically can become like drugs hence the term Dopant coming from the word "dope".  Without the right filter, a person can become addicted and even grow insane the more they use it or in other cases, death.  Now for how the Gaia Memory addiction destroys the users...

The Sonozaki Family or the ones who ran Museum.  After some Gaia Memory addiction, there has been some drift like how Ryube and his wife Fumine/Shroud.  So Ryube goes crazy with power and so do his daughters Saeko and Wakana as they became Dopants.  It does tear them apart especially when Shroud decided to create a rider on pure hatred.  For Ryube, his plans to preserve humanity through his daughter Wakana as the new high priestess.  The problem was that this insanity tore apart their family and Philip/Raito was affected by his family's own addiction to Gaia Memory.

Isaka is the best example of that destruction.  I just thought his insanity linked together with being a Dopant was something.  However I think his actions that killed the family of Ryu/Accel were his own choices with or without Gaia Memory.  Eventually after Accel defeated him one on one for their final battle, the effects of the overuse of Gaia Memory killed him.

For Jun Kazu, well he also dissolved like Isaka maybe from an overuse during the final climatic battle.

For the Dopants of the week:

Kiyoshi Katahira became a rebellious son to his mother even more under the influence of the Gaia Memory.

Aya Kujo who's basically a sweet person becomes monstrously cruel.

Lily Shirogane was nearly killed in the process, revealing the fatal effects of Gaia Memories to the human body.


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