Types of TV Drama For Those Who Don't Like TV Drama...

So I really had a thought while some people basically dislike slice of life stories yet if they like fantasy stories (I'm looking at you Fantasy Leader), it seems there are some TV drama type shows that will click with them...

The Heisei Kamen Rider era... you can bash me for writing this =P.  At first, I thought I would not like them due to me overly relying on fellow critics of Tokusatsu than my own critical analysis of things.  So yeah, Kamen Rider does feel J-Dramaish to me but it does click as a TV drama to people who don't like slice of life stories.  I'll probably comment that Kamen Rider in the Heisei era seems to have racism as the common themes of villains like the Grongi attacking us normal people because we're not Grongi for the Lords want to kill the humans with Agito believing humanity to be inferior to accept the Agito power and Kiva explored racism's boundaries like how the racist Maya ends up falling for a human named Otoya.

For those who dislike Chinese typical drama and love fantasy stories, they should start checking out the adaptations of Jin Yong's novels like the Love of Condor Heroes, Return of Condor Heroes, and Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber which makes the Condor Trilogy.  Demigods and Semidevils, Red Buddha Lady, Princess Pearl, Madame White Snake and Chinese Paladin are fantasy drama series that aren't slice of life suitable for anybody who is a fantasy critic.  They've got lots of samurai action, magic spells and mystical monsters that just don't exist in the real world.  As said, stop comparing your life to fiction. =)  For police drama lovers, Black and White is one good drama to watch.

Kim Tae-hee in Forbidden Love, aka Fox with Nine Tails
For Korean dramas, while I normally don't like Korean dramas that much as Japanese and Chinese but series like Iris, Forbidden Love and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho are pretty much fantasy with a lot of fiction in them.  I might watch City Hunter soon but I do am pretty much choosy with eye candy.


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