The Love Scar Mini-Series Starring Jerry Yan, Karen Mok and Jacky Cheung

While I had a shock of a lifetime to learn that Love Scar was an adult Manga, however I couldn't help but want to give my thoughts on Jerry Yan, Jacky Cheung and Karen Mok in the entangled mess that was Love Scar.  Jerry Yan acted as Xi Lin and Jacky Cheung as his older brother Xi Lian, Karen Mok played as the common love interest between brothers named Gensha.

The plot starts with Xi Lin who fell for a girl five years his senior (in real life, Karen Mok is seven years older than Jerry Yan) named Gensha.  I do find it awkward they immediately had a one night stand which was pretty corny, eventually the relationship had to die out thanks to Xi Lin's mother's obsession.  However what happens next is even more absurd as Gensha later fell for Xi Lian who she later discovers is Xi Lin's brother.  Xi Lin is forced between the loyalties of his brother Xi Lian or the girl he loves Gensha and later ends up tangled in a scandalous adultery between Gensha and her brother-in-law Gensha.

In between, I thought that Jacky Cheung and Karen Mok hardly looked like their counterparts while only Jerry Yan did look like his counterpart in the Manga.  Also Xi Lin's parents are about to reunite themselves after several years of divorce and singleness (how sweet) to which a double wedding happens- between Xi Lin's parents and his brother to his ex-girlfriend Gensha.  Xi Lin however could not let go of Gensha which really causes problems, eventually she leaves both guys leaving room to decide... thus it's a strong love scar.


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